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I’m going to hang out with Dino somehow and have a brat and a brewski…chew some fat…talk baseball…fix the world…cuz…it’s about time dammit…


[quote=“Dino”]Hammer wrote:

[quote]jdfromfla wrote:
I’m going to provide assistance to someone this year.

Great resolution JD. Love it. I’d like to do the same.[/quote]

Check out your paycheck guys. I think you already have.[/quote]

Spoken for truth!

A brat and a brewski, sounds great!


Grilled me up a bunch-o-them fellas 2 days back (With…some of Canadas finest ex-brews…Molson Ice…) the next day my Golden made me film him showing off…I believe it was the same day Dino was tryin to make us believe not shootin a deer after trudging around in sub-zero, knee-deep snow was a “good time” :wink:

My apologies for the wobbly vid…not caused by the previously mentioned Molson…but in honor of our buddy Laflippen it was “sans tripod” :lol:


If you would only use your tripod, JD, you could probably see that Maddux has some head-tilt and he is not pronating enough in his follow-through…these are potentially very dangerous pond-jumpin’ mechanics.

Besides, weren’t you telling me once that a couple of 'gators live in that pond?


I know, I know…YouTube steadied it up nicely though…Chris O said his mechs were perfect…I think those gators might have joined Mr. Mossberg for a permanent vaca…I hear that happens every now and then :wink:

Looks like a few of them went to Louisiana and found themselves beset by devilish redbirds…


#21 Louisville
(11-2, 5-2 Big East)

#3 Florida
(11-2, 7-1 SEC)
1 2 3 4 T
LOU 14 10 6 3 33
FLA 0 10 0 13 23


Yes, let’s get it done before it’s too late for us to fix the world.

In honor of my Cold Cold Heart:



This little story is meant to demonstrate that whoever coined the phrase. “Failure is not an option!” has never participated in something like trying to hit a round baseball with a round bat or in my case, shoot a deer with a black powder muzzleloader.

So I enlisted my oldest son to help me take down a semi portable tree stand and move it to another more promising location. He did this on the only day he has off in the week. We headed toward the hotspot and when we got there I changed my mind three times about which tree I wanted it in. Finally, sensing his frustration, I settled on a large poplar adjacent the thickets I was targeting. After more than usual effort, we got the thing solidly situated and I declared it to be perfect. All except that the way I put it up I’d have to shoot left handed at anything that came down the trail.

The next afternoon I was anxious to get up in the tree. I did so but found out my safety harness wouldn’t go around the tree because of its large diameter. So against my better judgement I decided to just stay there without anything to catch me if I fell. I figured it was too cold for me to fall asleep anyway. And with more than a foot of snow on the ground, I figured it would soften the impact and I’d probably not die, just break my legs and back.

Around about 4:15 I noticed two deer milling around in the thicket eating the more tender ends of the brush. They just walked in circles for awhile until I was aware that a third deer had joined them. And this deer was big. Real big. I could see he had antlers, but how many points was an issue.

Eventually after a torturous thirty minutes or so, he decided to walk straight down the trail headed from my tree stand. I was already standing, rifle cocked and had twisted my body to get a right handed shot as soon as I made out the required points. As he approached it was apparent that this boy had the required accouterments. He was a dang fine qualified wallhanger.

He must have sensed an ambush because just as I was pulling the trigger he looked right up in the stand at me. The pan powder flashed…no bang! Deer made an about face and was gone. I don’t know what kept me from braking that gun over my knee right then and there. Well, it could have been the fact the the gun hadn’t gone off yet and could possibly do so.

I climbed down, scared off the other two deer, walked out to the field, cleaned out the touch hole and put in some new pan powder. When I pulled the trigger, it went bang!

Folks, whatever you intend to pursue…always remember, “Failure is DEFINITELY an option!”



If this doesn’t get you laughing you better go get your funny bone checked…

…“an orange peanut for me…I accept you.”


Today, I took the whole fam damily out to Olive Garden. Ten of us walked in the door at 11 AM. We had a fine meal and I had the check delivered to me. My daughter in law passed a gift card over to me and said, “This has 18 dollars left, use it up.” My daughter then pulled out another gift card, “It’s got 40 dollars on it dad, use it too.” My wife reached out and said, “I got a 15 dollar one.” And then my son passed me one over that said 100 dollars. Wow. He said, “Don’t get excited…it only has 6 bucks on it. Hey, I’m still in college!”

Hey every little bit helps right?


I lost a good friend and comrade this week. He was only 57. I’ll miss him and I’ll always be reminded of how fragile life is when I think of him.

My son got to meet a great group of guys when he attended college in South Carolina. They are called NeedToBreathe…This particular song reminds me of how Chuck handled his illness. R.I.P.

Keep the light on for me.


Great story Dino and my condolences to you


Man…come home from a long couple of weeks on the cold cold road :cry: :cry: …what do I find lodged in my property…but a brand new puppy :smiley: nothing fixes road bum better than new puppy… :shock: :bigtup:

Meet the future Mrs. Maddux, our very own Breezy Holiday (My place) Jasmine :wink:

Obviously already learning the art…

No doubt gonna be some HOF material coming from this farms system soon 8)

Best therapy known to mankind on earth today :wink:


Awesome pics JD, I gotta admit I’m pretty jealous.


Easy to apply a bit of puppy power…fix you right up old boy :smiley: jealously will disappear…much happy…get back with me in about 2 seasons and you too can have a certified Maddux offspring…with a heart like Jasmine…


I might just take you up on that offer JD in a few seasons


JD said,

Sounds like a Blaze Foley country song. He wrote this. Popularized by Merle Haggard. Some very tasteful guitar playing…Sung quite well by Joe Nichols:

I gotta admit…I’ve felt this way a few times.


Some of my favorite road songs…

And always…always when I face a new challenge…this is my morale song…Surprise Valley…

This is just the best daggone jam out there…2 songs…Porch Song and the aforementioned Surprise Valley (At the 4:48 mark)…this young lady playing violin reminds me so much of Zita…in there playin with the big boys…

just remember…the spirit moves in all things…


I was out enjoying a day of hunting cottontail rabbits with a few good friends and their beagles. All beagle owners have cute names they attached to their dogs…some of the hall of fame I’ve hunted with have been: Dottie, Millie, Beau, Sally and my own - Misty.

My buddy introduced us to a two year old beagle who just had pups. I made a mental note that the dog seemed rather portly, alright she was obviously big boned and quite overweight. Not wanting to cause any ill feelings about it; I kept it to myself. It was the beginning of the day. Better wait until the hunt was over to make fun of this gal. I thought to myself that she must be sleeping at the bottom of the bed under the covers and eating lots of table scraps.

Surprisingly, she got right with it and chased Bugs Bunny out from under a huge brushpile that the Game Commission had created near a glacial swamp gameland. That rabbit ran a gigantic circle of epic proportions and ended up crossing paths with a load of number 6’s discharged from a Fox Sterlingworth 16 gauge I usually carry for small game. It was a gift from my uncle and a sentimental treasure.

I collected the rabbit before the dog could get her mouth around it. My buddy sauntered over to admire the rabbit and to brag a little over the performance of his dog. Then he bent down and patting her on the head praised her saying, “That a girl “FATSO”! Way to get the bunny. Good girl FATSO!” :shock:

I tell that story because it got me to thinking about “comparisons”. We love to compare things that we can see. And we make value judgments based on tangibles, like weight etc. Our worth is not based on objective measurements, at least it shouldn’t be.

We also like to compare the worst features of something to what our opinion of perfect is. Think about the side by side comparisons we make of amateur or youth pitchers to professionals.

Comparing ourselves to others is a never ending habit that always leaves us coming up short.

Our life’s purpose is not to go around comparing ourselves to others and hoping that we will be better than most of the people we run into or seek out. The purpose is for us to develop into a unique person who contributes to the betterment of everyone around us.

Of course, there is some benefit to examining others and adopting successful practices. That’s not what I’m talking about. There is a good litmus test for this. If while observing someone else you find yourself being envious or jealous of them, then it’s time to start looking inward again.

For instance, here are two guys that probably rarely envied anybody and you have to admit are unique:


Great post Dino


Headed out for one of the best Baseball trips possible.

Going to Cooperstown for the next 4 days and am being a part of the ultimate VIP package.

Get to tour the hall privately after it closes, the next day get a guided tour of the archive rooms and libraries including being able to put on some gloves and handle some pieces etc, and the icing on the cake my wonderful wife found a package deal that includes a 3 hour sit down with Babe Ruth’s grand daughter!

Never been before and am so jacked for this!

I’ll post some pics when I return.


Just got back absolutely incredible experience will post some pics when I have time.