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Yeah its been a little slow, but I think its cause its that time of the year.

I’m still up in Canada for now, got some things on the go might be moving but we’ll have to see, I think I’m gonna be in Ann Arbor or Ypsilant in like May/June for the Color Run, I’ll let you know closer to.

Glad to have ya back it’s been way too long man.

Now all we need is Spencer back…


Yeah, where the heck is Spencer?! Miss that guy. Hear anything from him?


I haven’t seen him since I came back and that was over a year ago.


I’m going to get a new phone. I need a smartphone, and I’m going to download a video ap, that I’d be able to use in lessons for some support to what I’m trying to teach. I do do some video now, but it’s with a balky laptop that’s a pain in the butt. Any suggestions? Iphone, droid etc?


I’ve got an HTC Incredible S (I think that’s the model) and I think its pretty good, I do everything on it including 99% of my posts on here. It’s pretty user friendly.


iPhone and an app called “SwingReader”. I think the app is free. This app is about a year old so there may be better out there now. I have an iPhone 4 and the camera is excellent- much better than the 3. I don’t know about the 5.


Thanks for the input guys. I’ve heard good things about that ap.


Merry Christmas boys and girls. Happy Holidays to everyone. Much Love.


Merry Christmas to you too man.

All the best to everyone out there on LTP


LTP and The Admins wish everyone on the forum Merry Christmas…

A little bit of insanity from my Chicago childhood to share 8)

Just so you know what was the causation factor for a portion of this great baseball pitching forum :wink:

Thanks to all members, posters, lurkers…for another great year.



I swear that Santa Claus in the Hardrock video looks like a “high” Cheech Marin.

Anyway, happy and safe holidays to everyone!


You may be on to something there Roger…


You may be on something there Roger… :wink:


Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy new year’s tonight.


It’s the New Year. We have by my count 37 inches of snow total so far. It was mid twenty’s today. That’s about -10 degrees for you Canadians, right?

I took my muzzleloader for a walk in the woods today. It was snappy cold, deep soft snow up to your knees and no snowshoes. Easier to get through the briars and thickets that way. It was quiet. The kind of quiet where you can hear someone take their handkerchief out of their back pocket a half mile away. Nothing was stirring, even the chickadees were hiding.

I walked about an hour and a half then took up a stand on a likely trail beneath a hemlock. I waited. In thirty minutes or so, I noticed a lone deer stepping into a clearing about forty yards away. I had a relatively easy shot, if the gun goes off. The deer turned and looked at me. Antlers.

In Pennsylvania, we have antlered deer and we have antlerless deer and…we have protected deer. During late season muzzleloader, you can shoot an antlered deer or an antlerless deer but you can’t shoot an antlered deer that has less than three points on at least one side. It’s pretty hard to tell in dim light, or on a dead run or even sometimes standing still. I had to let him walk away. Yep, New Year…nothings changed.

I got to thinking, as a pitcher, my son on occasion would get an 0-2 count on a hitter. I always taught him not to waste the next pitch. Go right for the jugular…try to get the strikeout or a roll over ground ball. Once in awhile, he’d give up a single, or double on that 0-2 pitch. When the inning was over, he’d come into the dugout and inevitably look at me with those rolling eyes. He’d say, “That guy got lucky.”

Well, I’m here to tell you, today, that deer was the lucky one.


Happy New Year Homies!

Now onto some resolutions! Let’s here them!


Happy New Years to ya’ll…in honor of John Baker leaving us for his final time this last year…a little Crash Test Dummies…one day we’ll all have receding hairlines and TS Eliot to fill our afternoons…

Godspeed John and Mary Anne…


[quote]Happy New Year Homies!

Now onto some resolutions! Let’s here them![/quote]

Last year I promised to lose 30 pounds. Mission accomplished. This year I thought I’d raise the bar. So I resolve not to burn one single grilled cheese sandwich during the entire year. I know…I know…high cotton but I can do it. :twisted:


I’m going to provide assistance to someone this year.


Great resolution JD. Love it. I’d like to do the same.


Hammer wrote:

[quote]jdfromfla wrote:
I’m going to provide assistance to someone this year.

Great resolution JD. Love it. I’d like to do the same.[/quote]

Check out your paycheck guys. I think you already have.