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Great stories guys!

Hope everyone is doing well. Happy Holidays to everyone and their family for this nice baseball society we have here.

This year I took up golf. Besides spending a lot of money on equipment and rounds, it sure is a lot of fun! Great to be outside and having fun with buddies. Anybody else give golf a whirl?


Dino is a golfing animal…I’m a non-golfing golfer :roll:

Hammer happy holidays to you and yours old boy!


A posting from Hammer ! …It’s like a gad dang solar eclipse - few people can see it at any one time and it lasts for just a few minutes…

Merry Christmas.

If you don’t find me in the woods…you will find me on the golf course. A little piece of advice…don’t take the game too serious or you will never enjoy it. By the way, golf is just like life. Sometimes you get rewarded for a bad shot and sometimes you get punished even though you make a good one.

And Golf will reveal just how honest a person you thought you were. 8)


Hey Dino, hope everything is great, and a Merry Christmas to you too.

I started golfing in February, got some clubs, and it’s been great. Probably played about 40-50 rounds this year. What type of clubs are you playing?


No golf for me. The two times I played, I played just about every hole from the wrong fairway. :oops: :shock:

Happy Holidays to everyone!


A good golfer can play with any brand of clubs. I was once beaten by a guy who later played major league baseball and now sports two World Series rings. He played me nine holes heads up… with his putter…


I have a mixture of clubs in my bag…Taylormade…Calloway…Wilson Pro Staff and some knock offs called Walter Hagen’s I picked up at Dick’s Sporting Goods.


He did not beat you with just his putter! :shock:


Believe me, I have been known to stretch the truth a little for narrative affect or possibly even just been plain wrong about the details of a situation due to poor memory but this one…that’s exactly the way I remember it. Although, he might have used a pitching wedge once or twice during the round.

Part of the explanation is that I really was not a very good golfer back then, nor am I today, and he was really that gifted an athlete. He could have been a professional golfer or for that matter tennis player or basketball…but his chosen sport was baseball. He was a position player with a strong arm and could easily have been a pitcher. He never hit anything but a line drive that I can recall. Home runs were just doubles that went awry. A golden spikes award winner, college world series winner…it was just incredible the talent he had.

I think it was a gift to me and other guys I knew because we learned early that we were average kids and thus we knew if anything good from our lives were going to happen, we were going to have to work hard for it and make the best of our rationed gifts. It was that obvious. That’s why I am offended by athletes that are arrogant and presumptuous about their potential. If you got it…it will be obvious. You don’t need to flaunt it.

Got off on a small rant there but anyway…yes, just a putter… :oops:



I’ve been away for a few days glad to hear from you!

All the best to you and your family



Thanks Wales! Good to see that you’re still around! Hope all is well on your end also, and Happy Holidays!

Dino, a putter! Come on guy!


Ok, well if you don’t quite believe that one…how bout the time I was part of a seven man basketball team playing against two…and we lost! One of the guys turned into an All American football player, Heisman trophy winner, College football National Champion, Super Bowl winner and NFL Rookie of the Year, four time pro bowler and of course was enshrined in the football hall of fame. :roll:



On a sidenote, I’m going to put a net in my garage and take some golf swings this winter! Gotta get my game right!


Lol that’s a helluva tale Dino.

All is well Hammer, looking forward to seeing you around the boards again, it’s been too long.


I’ll be here now, back for good.

Now it’s time to go bang some golf balls before work!


So how long before we get a section on the forum for golf swing analysis?


Seriously man! My game deserves it!

Has Steven been around here?? Haven’t seen him.


I’m all for it man, I need to pick up a new hobby, golf has always intrigued me.

Steven’s dropped a couple posts but they are very few and very very far between.

Are you still doing instructions or have you gone off to Coach your own team?

I was in Ypsilanti a few months back and thought of you, still in MI?


Dude… You gotta get into golf! It’s awesome!

Yes, I’m still in Michigan. Next time you’re up here let me know! Where are you at?


It seems a bit dead around here… Is it just because of winter, or what?


Just the up and down cycle of forum life…seemed as soon as you show up the life just sucked out of the site :shock:

No really it’s been lively…even though we lost Zita for nearly 1/2 to 3/4 of the year due to her pc…Steven has been somewhat on hiatus…most don’t realize that he has many sites he’s created and maintains…along with his YouTube ch and his writing. Of course…That Hammer guy…he just made it back :wink:, Dino was off a bit…now he’s returned…so yah ups and downs…I expect as normal, we’ll start back rockin once the year turns and the boys of spring start to think about the new crop of kids and work begins in earnest.

We still have some thoughtful folks stop in, Nyman periodically drops in, Jeager contributed a bit and opened a side conversation with Kyle…Fred Corral from Memphis St. had been regular and I sure hope he returns.