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What a cruel and mean post…

We’ll see…
ya know the Bulls stunk regular…so did the Bears…Sox were always the case study in mediocrity…Chicago…It’s the problem…believe me.
Heck “Barry The Liar” wasn’t even from there and look how corrupt it’s made him…
It is an addiction…I watch trade rumors all winter (Even have it as an app on my iphone)…I watch the “boys” of spring every year…I need a stinkin 12 step program…but wouldn’t apply it…I am a willing addict…stick my wretched corpse in the dirt and I’ll finally not be a Cub fan anymore…I don’t know why…I think I can recognize both talent and excellence…but for some reason…as long as clumsy, inept baseball is wrapped in a blue and white uni and a beautiful but urine stinkin ball park, the “Land of IDM” has been reached with me…I seem to be able to blissfully be unembarressed and still wear their emblem with a bizaar kind of pride :crazy:
I even tried to break out…be a maverick…I really loved the A’s back in the 70’s (Rode their band wagon instead of the Reds’) and early 80’s when I moved to the Jacksonville area, they had a contract for Yankee games and I got to be a huge fan of their only team that couldn’t win it all :shock: (Mattingly, Henderson, Winfield, Pinella, Don Baylor) but Donny Baseball was having these epic batting title runs with Boggs, Ricky was Ricky and well, I saw Dave Winfield from the base of the wall throw the ball for a strike and gun a guy out at the plate…so honest injun Dino…I’ve really tried…never took…whats worse is I became good friends with a guy who was voted as one of the top 100 Cubs ever…my son was trained for better than a decade by him…I, at this point, am just hopin God will have mercy on me and strike me with lightning or have an astaroid land on me…have the Florida Panther that lives in my area catch me not paying attention or something…



Out of respect for your misery, and the positive nature of this thread, I will refrain from trying to cheer you up.



Kinda reminds me of this song…

A fan of such teams as the Steelers and Pirates knows the joy of winning…I know the solace of next year…Tell me brother…do you see the sun where your standing now? :wink: 8)


As a matter of miraculous fact, blue skies and sunshine and 82 degrees today JD… 8) Now if you would excuse me, I need to slather on some 30 SPF sunblock so I don’t burn my pale white self while cutting grass.


You’s guys cracks me up.



Ya know there’s nothing like watching a ball game, especially when ya got a cold one or two with ya.

That’s just what I’m doin right now flashing back and watching the 2008 All-Star game and Home Run Derby. I forgot how magnificent Yankee Stadium really was.

Funny story, when the wife and I started dating she asked me what my ideal baseball game would be naturally I said Red Sox vs Yankees at either place.

She surprised me with the Red Sox at New York on July 5 of '08 I was ecstatic to say the least.

The tickets showed up and no where on them did it say a seat, aisle, row or game number. I was a little skeptical to say the least. I went online tried to find where they possibly could be from, no luck.

I called the stadium explained the tickets to the rep and was promptly informed that my wonderful girlfriend purchased tickets to the restaurant and bar that was adjacent to the actual stadium, needless to say we didn’t go. I still have those tickets.

Sadly this was as close that I ever got to actually going to the Old Stadium.


Old stadium was great, lots of feel in everything there, the seats, the asiles the foul poles everything. My kids had never been there and I took them the last year and they had a great time, riding the subway to the park, the total experience. They want to go back and I am sure we will make it at some point but nothing will replace the old stadium. You should have gone!!! When you go to the new stadium have one on me!!!


The answer is: “Some Ball Yard”

I missed Opening Day April 18, 1923 by only 36 years. When you put it in perspective by how old this earth is, man I just missed it by a gnat’s eyelash!

When they tore it down to build the new joint, I thought if they can tear this place down, they would melt down the Statue of Liberty for the value of its copper.

The question is: What was the first thing Babe Ruth said when he took his position at first base in Yankee Stadium for the first time?


I spent the day doing whatever my wife wanted to do. I got to bike along the river for sixteen miles, did some shopping and ate dinner out before I came home and took out the trash. Oh yeah, and I’ll be golfing for the next two days. Three days in a row would have been been a stretch. Wow, I can’t believe what a nice guy I’ve become. :roll:



How’s the golfing?


I am always interested in good quotes and on the lookout for them. I ran across this one from Bobby Jones regarding golf. It captures how I feel about the game.


Friends…we lost a legend, let us take a moment and contemplate the greatness…

"And if he ever makes a comeback tour, I’d like to play rhythm for him.”

[size=9]Chet Atkins about Doc Waton[/size]

I saw him in 1983 in Louisville…on “The Belvedere”…

The Belvedere is a city park that sits right on the Ohio, after Doc had finished his set, he went and sat on a grassy little hill there in the park…my friend who was learning mandolin at the time just went up there and sat down and they jammed for a good long time…really surrealistic to watch…and so cool 8)

A real treasure of America lost here.


Cool story JD thanks for sharing.


Regarding Doc Watson…

I am afraid to start for fear of not knowing when to shut up. I don’t feel so much that Doc is lost to us, it feels more like we took a book that we loved back to the library. He was on loan to us for such a fabulous long time.

BTI - Before The Internet…Doc Watson was a treasure I discovered at a record store. His guitar playing on 33 1/3 rpm vinyl records confounded my brain. Obviously, I couldn’t see anything he was doing, so I slowed down the recording on my turntable which had a 15 rpm setting. After I thought I had the notes right, I’d speed it up and play along.

I got decent enough on my old Stella that my father bought me a D-18 Martin guitar. I didn’t know what a sacrifice it was at the time for him to purchase it.

I went to see Doc at a bluegrass festival in Ohio. I wanted to know how a blind man could play so flawlessly. Doc inspired me and humbled me. I guess those are two things we are most in need of.

This is the tune I’ll most remember. Doc is explaining the technique of crosspicking at the beginning.

We use the word “gifted” maybe a little too often these days to describe people with varying degrees of talent both physical and intellectual. I don’t know many words to describe gifted but I know it when I see it. Doc Watson was truly gifted and the he humbly shared it all with anyone who cared to listen.

Thanks JD…I hadn’t heard.


I gotta throw props FSU’s way and to a homer from my sons Travel Team;

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Brandon Leibrandt pitched eight scoreless innings and James Ramsey hit a grand slam as Florida State defeated Samford 8-1 on Saturday in the Tallahassee Regional.

Leibrandt (11-2) scattered three singles, just one after the first inning. The freshman left-hander, whose father is former big league pitcher Charlie Leibrandt, fanned a career-high 10 batters before leaving after throwing 110 pitches.

Ramsey, the Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Year, hit his first grand slam in the seventh inning off Samford’s Joseph Burns, who relieved Josh Martin (12-2) to face Ramsey.

Sherman Johnson scored three times and also homered for Florida State (45-15). Jayce Boyd added two hits and two RBIs for the Seminoles.

The Seminoles play the winner of Sunday afternoon’s elimination game between Samford (40-22) and Mississippi State (40-23), which eliminated UAB 8-1 earlier Saturday.

C.K. Irby’s two-out, ninth inning single off reliever Hunter Scantling spoiled Florida State’s shutout bid.

Hunter was on my sons travel squad…had a nasty slide piece working last night but gave up Liebrandts shut-out :shock:

The big fella has had a great season, is poppin 94 with a nasty slide piece…he may just get there…particularly due to his size :shock: 6’8", 270… :shock: When my son used to pitch …he’d have to jump to give Hunter a high five… :lol: …I even have vid on youTube with it… :lol:

era w-l app-gs cg sho sv ip h r er bb so 2b 3b hr ab b/avg

4.00 5-1 27-0 0 0/4 0 45.0 44 21 20 14 36 4 2 6 166 .265

a nice year though…and a really decent kid with very nice folks.


Nice stuff JD


The Pittsburgh Pirates were in first place in the NL Central for a short time which prompted many around my parts to prognosticate about the odds they might actually win the central this year. It’s astounding how they have won as much as they have with the run support they are getting from their offense. Pitching- is keeping them in it.

Now, last night their 2006 #1 draft pick, Brad Lincoln missed his spots for 4 innings and got chased from the game with a bomb from Orioles Adam Jones. I guess this is what you get when you pay 2.75 million and shun these other pitchers that were available at the time of the pick:

Brandon Morrow
Andrew Miller
Clayton Kershaw
Tim Lincecum
Max Scherzer
Daniel Bard



Buccos better stop driving that hod rod lincoln…


I ate chicken spaghetti and medicine. 8)


I was having trouble trying to top that one…but I think I’ve located something …there seems to be an absence of a certain ornithological piece…


…for no particular reason