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Sometimes…it’s just cool to see cool stuff 8)

the story…

Dino might have heard of this…this moron is trying to “bumpfire” a Desert Eagle 44 magnum :shock: I’m thinkin he ain’t shootin too straight :shock: :lol: I bet his wrist didn’t feel to swooft


Shades of Moon-light Graham…

Do you feel sorry for him or pat him on the back???

What a crazy life… :shock:


That Ron White story is crazy. It stinks all those things happened, but when it rains it pours. However, he can can say he did something most other people dream of. He made it to the majors.

My first thought was that it’s little odd they were running a story on a 10 year old event. Turns out, it’s the 10th year anniversary of his first/last game. My second thought was, “Holy sweet Jesus, 2002 was 10 years ago?!” Time is flying by.


Yeah I can’t believe how quickly the years are going by, 2002 doesn’t seem like it was 10 years ago


I just received an invitation to my 35th high school class reunion, Wales…tell me about it. :roll:


This is probably an odd question coming from an unknown poster like me, but do you go to those reunions? For some reason, I just can’t picture myself attending my high school reunions.


Lets see…1978,88,98,2008,9,10,11,12…man I thought I was old…thanks Dino you fossil 8)


Damn! I am only 5 out!



I didn’t go to my high school graduation, nor my college graduation, I was forced to go to my academy graduation…so no, no there’s nothing there for me. Besides why would I want to put my wife in a room with people who might tell her what I’m really like? :twisted:


I was a child genius…graduated high school at the age of 13. I’m just a pup.


Went to my 10th and was indifferent about it so skipped my 20th. But went to my 30th and had a blast - it was really good to see some of those folks again after so long.


So Roger, are you going to your 50th next year? :slight_smile:


After he maintenances his wheel chair and gets his dentures re-done :shock:

Don’t make us start bringing up all of the reasons that this isn’t the case… :stuck_out_tongue:


Let me know how your’s was and I’ll decide. :stuck_out_tongue:


After he maintenances his wheel chair and gets his dentures re-done :shock: [/quote]
At least my dentures ain’t made out of wood.



At 91 years young and 4’11", Little Jimmy Dickens, “Tater” from Bolt, West by God Virginia…is still appearing on stage and singing at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN every week.

We should be so young…


He was one tuff kid from Texas…K Wood heads off into the sunset…


Sad to see him go, but I get it


a couple of nasty K’s for his last appearance…in another…yet another Cub loss…at home…to the Sox…omg it’s gonna be a long year


Yeah, the Red Sox aren’t making this season any more comfortable.

Sidenote: MLB Tonight recapped the Red Sox game and the pitching mistakes made. When pointing out the mistakes, they used an alarm sound effect (picture an alarm sound to alert a bunker of soldiers that there’s an intruder and they need to close down the base) that I used to wake myself up for class. Scared the cr*p out of me. I almost jumped out of my seat and checked my backpack. Condition isn’t always such a great thing.


The cubs are one of the worst teams in MLB and one of the most profitable and JD…you cubby fans are to blame!

Let’s see…it’s brand loyalty at its stinking worst. Hey, let’s fill up the seats so we can see the lovable losers in person at one of the highest ticket prices around. Let’s watch them stink on tv so WGN can keep paying the cubs outrageous broadcast fees. And let’s help all the other stinking teams like the Pirates, make a profit too by revenue sharing with them. Let’s buy beer! $7.50 beer! And when the concession lady charges you $17.00 for two, well who’s going to notice? Fire her a twenty and keep the change. How much spoilage can there be anyway?

As an owner…the customer is always right. The cub fans seem to be asking for…more losing seasons…we love our losing seasons! I’m starting to think it’s an addiction.