The problem with studies/science

They’re manipulated based on Agenda. I can find studies that vaccines are good and bad. I could cherry-pick on how oranges are bad for you (even if the study is overwhelmingly orange).

Mr. Mills may get in my face and tell me nothing will help except getting on a mound and to video record the proceedings.

Mr. Nyman (as seen on “another pathetic attempt”) will tell you that you stole from

Mr. Porceau will tell you to power clean 1.5 times your body weight and how vertical jump correlates to pitching velocity

Mr. Jaeger will tell you to long toss your butt off

Nolan Ryan will tell you too lift your leg higher

These are just a few minute examples and each have studies/science to prove and disprove thiers and others systems (their systems are more complex and all have made great talking points for pitching awareness)

But little has been provided on feel. What does it feel like to throw 90, 95, or hell 100? What does it feel like to hit a 400ft homerun?

Mechanics make you have a conscious effort to preform a set pattern or end up in a specific position. A lot has been discussed on mechanics

-scapular loading
-toeing the rubber
-to push or be pulled off the rubber

  • counter rotating the torso

I want to hear from someone who throws 90,95 and tell me how it feel. Not someone else tell me what a high velocity pitcher does

Hopefully I can answer you in a bout 3-4 years