The power of Movement/Location


Just thought I would throw this video up here, to show off a strikeout, power pitcher with an overwhelming fastball that isn’t upper 90’s gas. Jake Peavy lives in the 90-93 range, peaks at about 94, and still has an overwhelming fastball because of its late life and his ability to command it. Heres a video of him striking out 13 Rockies, 11 of which went down on
the fastball, and only two of which hit 94 mph, most at 92-93.

Now he doesn’t exactly throw soft either, but I find it refreshing to see hitters overwhelmed by a fastball that isn’t getting on them at 97+, coming out of a 5-11/6-0 body.


Another good example is Greg Maddux.


Yeah thats true, but not exactly my point. Whenever you think pitcher who blows guys away with his heat, you think Papelbon or Zumaya blowing 98-99 right down the plate. I just wanted to point out that these guys look just as helpless against 92 running off the plate.


Nice. vid. I totally agree that movement is great … but these guys are still chucking 90+. The speed and movement is what makes those pitches so devastating. Then drop in a change or an off-speed pitch… :shock: