The plank pose

I’ve been thinking about the Core and how to work it the best with exercises I have thought of getting ride of all crunches unless they are rotational and subbing in plank and side planks that work the transverse abdominal.

Crunch works rectus abdominal or outer wall of abs

Planks work-Entire core and the transverse abdominals or the muscle that attatches the ab wall to the spine.

I HATE CRUNCHES can I just do about 5 sets of plank and side plank each 1 minute?

so it would look like this

5 reps 1 minute plank
5 reps 1 minute side plank EA.SIDE

I feel doing this will be better to make my core stronger do you think I should do this everyday instead of crunches?

well, you need something more than isometric exercises for your core Ristar, they don’t necessarily have to be crunches tho.

But your right, you need rotational work in there

Bycicle Manuever


Weighted side twists
(To do these get a 5-15 pound plate/dumbell)
Lie with feet fully extended and arms behind head, holding weight,
Crunch up, bringing your arms over your head and reach out towards your legs,
Then, twist around 90 degrees in both directions, really reach out.
Do them slowly, and put them in sets of 8-12, there great because they hit ur rectus, obliques, and really help your core rotation strength)

Bicycles are great but pendulums can be absolute killers. Lie on your back, feet together and hand extended straight out (like a t). Raise your legsso that your feet are directly above your hips. This is the starting position. Keeping both hands on the floor, rotate at the hips so that your feet touch the floor. Return back to the top and go to the other side.

Something like this:

Could I do this

Plank pose 5 sets 1 minute each
Side Plank 5 sets 1 minute each
Penudulam 3 sets 15

could I do this as my core workout? because I HATE crucnches and they don’t do the most important ab muscle the transverse abdominal anyway.

and if this is a good workout if I do this everyday I will have a strong core in about 4 months???

Take a lot less time than that if you eat right. I have a college free ab class that does a lot of the workouts that you just stated only once a week for 45 minutes and my core/abs got tight/strong in four weeks… so think about it if I did it daily.

do atomic sit ups, planks, Russian twists, pendulums, back extensions, table tops,

look below

Look at the transverus abdominus it’s the main core muscle now look at the rectus abdominal by far the transversus is more important.

A crunch or anytype of crunch does not get to the inner core muscle.


Inner core/transversus abdominal helps to maintain balance and suport the spin that will help you stay balance and transfer energy around a upright spine.

what do you think?

Rotational strength is the most important. I also do not think crunches are too helpful either but it can still help a bit.

I tend to do crunches as my “rest” period in between planks or whatever

OK I have a new CORE workout schedule instead of Tuff Cuff’s one.

EveryDay workout Once in mornning Once at night

4 minutes Plank
4 minutes Side Plank Ea. Side
Russian Twists 2 sets of 12
Pendulim 2 sets of 12

Now I look to have a stronger transverus Abdominus in about 3-4 weeks that will make me be able to keep balance better and overall transfer the energy up the chain when I land because I will not be slouching instead nice and firm up right.

2 times a day seems like a lot but it isn’t really I did it today and felt pretty good about it.

I think every pitcher should do thoughs 4 exercises everyday if they want a strong Inner core the abdominal muscle that really counts.

more twists with more a 10lb weight in your hands

I do sets of 60 (down back = 2)

what exercise are you talking about?

russian twist

I do 4 sets of 30 Russian Twists with a 10 pound med ball. That is quite a workout, and by the end you definitely feel it.

Try going through your core workouts in a circuit. Makes it go faster.
1 minute side plank
15 pendulums
1 minute plank
30 Russian twists
and repeat that 4 times.

That sounds really good. Thank you Kc I will do that for 1 week and see how it goes ok.

What do you mean 30? down/back = 1?

I normally do:

5 cable rotations waist high 50 lbs (both sides)
10 Back extensions with twists at top and 2.5lb weight in each hand
60 Russian twists (d/b = 2) with a 10lb plate
Table top 3 hand positions 30 sec each
Tabletop on forearms 30 sec
tabletop on elbows 15 sec
forward plank 1 minute
side 1 minute each side
20 atomic sit ups
repeat 3 times

I want to start doing it twice a day or at least some of it twice a day.
I sometimes add in triceps/biceps and pull ups during this circuit instead of after.

Pendulums sound like a good idea. I’ll try them sometime

Ristar, you don’t need to do your abs twice a day, let alone every day of the week. Abs are a muscle just like anything else, and they don’t grow while your working out, they grow on your time off. Do abs 3-5 times a week. Granted, make sure that those 3-5 times are intense workouts, but thats really all you need.

Well the transverus abdominus is a hard muscle to tear down and you don’t get a good day’s workout if you don’t really work it out hard. It’s not like the rectus abdominus where the muscle is a thin layer. The transverus goes from the back to the ab wall so it is alot bigger then rectus or Ab wall.

Fastball thrower is right on this one RiStar.

Your abs are muscles too, even your inner abdominals.

Ristar you can get those inner abdominals by doing crunches. You just have to do them properly to get that inner wall. To do that, remember to breath properly and try and bring your belly button to your spine. This will target the muscles you need as a pitcher.

Crunches do not do the transverse abdominal or inner core it only does the outside rectus abdominal which isn’t the really important muscle. Alot of people do not do this but the only way to work the Inner abdominal is through Plank, Side Plank, Super man.

Crunches should only be used if done rotationally. That’s why a pitcher should work on inner core and not outside. Roger Clemens, and other big pitchers work the inner core and have a weak rectus abdonmin but it doesn’t matter about outside only inside.