The percentage of black players in the MLB has dropped by 20% over the last 40 years


Interesting finding…

The number of black players on Major League Baseball teams stands around 8% – that’s a huge decline compared to the 1970s.

This video attempts to answer what happened:


May be an accurate assessment but I’d say based on the theory expoused; baseball is cost prohibitive for all segments of the population, not only blacks. Lots of kids from poor families likely miss opportunities. I’ve read opinions on other sites a true talent can get a free ride on a top tier travel team. Don’t think it’s the case for an above average talent with ability to play at the next level. I’ve listened to college coaches tell parents & kids point blank they recruit in the summer, not in high school seasons. The reasons given are limited staff and conflicting seasons. Also more talented kids in one place at the big tournaments. I can attest it is very expensive to play summer ball on a top tier team. My son is a PO so his cost are less than two way & position players but still around $1,400. In addition; the travel costs, hotels, and food add up fast. Bigger question is how do kids (who’s families lack the resources) with potential to play college ball get exposure?