The Next Time We Talk About Pitch Counts

Coach B.

I don’t understand why you posted that.

Some will, others won’t. I wouldn’t dwell on it.

Coach B.

I do understand…but it’s not necessary to understand.

Last week some kid was clocked doing 149 mph on the interstate by my house . . .

Let’s play…finish Coach B.'s sentence.

The next time we talk about pitch counts…let’s remember it’s suppose to be a kids game.

I once got a request to stop a yellow sports car that had burned the scalp of a state trooper in a county south of my location. He said something about 140 mph or some ridiculous speed. By the time our conversation ended a speck of yellow appeared on the horizon and was passing everything like it was a rocket. No time for a radar reading…I hit the lights and didn’t he pull right over. It was a Ferrari Spider - top speed…186mph :shock:

That’s some serious speed…

[quote=“Coach Baker”]Some will, others won’t. I wouldn’t dwell on it.

Coach B.[/quote]

Why not make it plain so that everyone can share in whatever message you’re trying to send? All I got out of it was that some coaches will allow their pitchers to risk anything for the sake of winning a game. Obviously I’m wrong, but would love the chance to broaden my knowledge.

Scorekeeper you have a PM

Wales, I tried to send you a PM back but can’t seem to get it into the sent box. If you don’t get it, let me know and we’ll do this via e-mail.



I got it and thanks for the help!

FYI it stays in the outbox until the receiver opens it then it flips to the sentbox. It’s a little way of being able to manage and know who has or hasnt read or replied to a PM.

Just goes to show that you really do learn something new every day! :wink: