The mount is flat they said


Fix it they said

I have software that isolates virus, spam ware and other things attached to, or within, programs. This safeguard software is professional grade. I opened this picture four (4) times and each time my screening software ID this with some “false web notice.” If you’ve downloaded this picture form some other source than taking the picture yourself, I would suggest running a diagnostic check of your start up program, if not a full system check of your computer.

Haha coach maybe you should check yours

And this is an upside picture of what?

Like I posted earlier - I did, multiple times when download this picture. On the other hand, it’s just probably a fluke.

imagine a great and funny picture guys :joy::joy:

Load correct photos I say.

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Thank you, for that i will have you in my prayers to start throwing from the good hand. :wink::kissing_heart:

It’s a baseball field in Australia–obviously (since it looks upside down to us).

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