The mound issue

Sorry haven’t been on for awhile but I have a problem with 2 mounds.

Mound 1. Its not exactly a baseball mound anymore, its a softball mound (completely flat)with a hole and a piece of broken rubber next to it. Its awful to pitch on because the 2nd hole in the ground nearest the plate is the deepest hole I’ve ever stepped into (I fill it in but it doesn’t always work so well)

Mound 2. Really weird feeling because it isn’t lined up with the plate and the plate if facing off to left field (and that does affect the ump’s strikezone). Other than that it’s alright, not the greatest but its better than a softball mound.

Any advice about how to pitch better on these because I basicly have to change where I release it on Mound 2 (and location because of that stupid plate)and Mound 1 is just awful for me to pitch on because the mound wasn’t like this last year and I can’t really get use to it either since I am reliever and pitch about 1-2 innings on it. Any advice would be great, thanks.

I’d suggest, even just for practice sakes, buy a cheap plastic plate and place it properly at home plate for the 2nd mound. Avoid mound #1, or get some wheelbarrows full of dirt, and try to fix it up.

Didn’t really think about buying a mound and using that so thanks for the help with that. But for Mound 1 it’s really our home field and we play like almost half our games there so thats going to be a problem for both pitchers. And we’ll see how it turns out today I guess.(games there)

Thanks for the advice Snake

Buy some dirt, preferably clay and and some water and fill in the holes. Im sure your coaches or at least a parent or two will help you.

I’m very sensitive to bad mounds as well … though I would prefer a flat mound to a mound that is agled to make for a huge drop.

That’s how the mounds at 3&2 baseball in Lenexa, KS