The Long Road to Success

This is my personal journal about my workout life for the next 5 months. I plan to keep a detailed log about my workouts,diet, and velocity increases.
Before I would not keep up on my logs but now I am a different person. My goals are different and I have new motivation.

Current weight: 170lbs
Current Velocity: 79-81 mph consistantly, 82 mph max(as of august 5th, 2007)

To increase my lean body mass while maintianing maximum flexibility. Making my body as pitching efficient as possible.
To throw 90+ mph
My bodyfat % is 19 % this I will try to decrease while replacing the weight loss with lean muscle.


I will change these up as much as possible. I will list them as I post. My idea is to throw in as much variation as possible.


I will post this as I go as well.

I am also doing a weighted ball program based on Coach Kreber’s program.
Because I plan on attending many camps and evaluations my arm must be game ready by January.

I am also overhauling my mechanics and switching my arm angle to mid 3/4s which feels more natural. This angle I feel will have the greatest potental for a major velocity increase.

I will make my first post of my journey tomorrow till then…

Today was a pretty easy day, tomorrow wil be killer.

weighted in at 168lbs this morning

dynamic stretching
Jobes 2x15
off set medball push ups 4x10
medicine ball workout(included plyos)
Coach Krebers throwing program
static stretching

I had to cut it short today because of work, overall though it was a good workout.

40g protein shake w/ 1 cup of 2% milk

40g protein shake

Multi-cultural food in my class that I have lunch so I ate a varity of samples.

some whole wheat bread

40g protein shake

half a chicken sub samwhich

Like I said tomorrow is going to be a killer day

Your diet needs a lot of work. I see no fruits or veggies. Work to make each meal more balanced. A protein shake might work to replace one meal if you are rushed during the day, but 3 whole meals? I’d look to limit your shake intake to no more than 2 a day. Lean meats like chicken, turkey, and fish are a great source of protein and it can be an easy meal if you cook a few each weekend. Just pop it in the microwave and you are ready to go. Add some veggies and fruits and you have a balanced meal.

weight: 168 lbs


RDL 3x8

Pull-Ups 2xfailure

Bent-over-Rows 3x8

hand cleans 3x6

ATG squats 3x8

BB bench press 3x8

High pulls 3x6

Luges w/ weight plate 3x10


2 40g protein shakes today

one chicken sub samwhich

Peanut butter samwhich

totaling four meals for the day

no throwing today

Yeah I will start making more stuff this weekend thanx for the info

Yesterday I had planned on running but played Football for about 2 hours so I decided that would suffice.

My diet consisted of a lot of meat burgers, a shake, and chicken. Along wit a few apples and a Banana.

Today was a complete day of rest so no workouts today
MY diet consisted of about the same thing as yesterday except no protein shake, instead a bowl of special k.

On another note I am getting my arm ready for an evaluation coming up on Oct 27 for a college so I plan on increasing my program a bit just a day in between of light catch for now

Anyway till tomorrow

Today was another good day


Jobes 2x15

Reverse grip military press 3x8

Med ball overhead slams 3x15

Med ball plyometrics exercises

hamstring curl 2x12

20 minute run


toast and scrabbled eggs

40g shake

large chicken samwhich w/ 15 carrot sticks

2 slices of whole wheat bread

2 small bowls of dirty rice

150oz of water


Lat pulldowns 4x8

lunges w/ weight plate(25lbs) 2x8

high pulls 4x5

hand cleans 4x5

RDL 4x5

wide grip pull-ups 2x failure

front squat 4x5


40g protein shake

x2 peanut butter samwhich

carrot sticks and salad

one small bowl of pasta

half gallon of milk

after dinner I went out and threw

55 throws at 120ft
15 maximium effort throws 90ft

tomorrow is med ball day:)

Yesterday was a day off.

Today, was a pretty good day


Clean and Squat 3x6

Med ball plyometrics

Russian twist 3x8

Pull ups 2xfailure

Hamstring curls 3x8

High pulls 3x6

also played some light catch today


toast and milk for breakfest

peanut butter samwhich


salad and peanut butter samwhich


turkey samwhich


lots of green beans and some gulash

Tomorrw will be rotator cuff and long toss

Wow it has been a long time, but I want to give this log a go again I have just been so busy but a few updates for you guys reading.

-signed letter of intent to a juco

  • Season is about 4 weeks away

  • I will be are number 2 starter this year

-we are conditioning right now so I figure this is a good time to cut some unwanted body fat. I weigh in at 178lbs now.

  • My workouts have changed since the season is so close I really want to be in good shape

When the season kicks in gear I will change this again

Workouts done three days a week

    Circuit done twice w/o rest

*DB bench press or BB bench press 8-10 reps

*Single leg RDL 8-10 reps

*single leg, single-arm row 8-10 reps

*Bulgarian split squat 8-10 reps

*Standing Single leg Lift w/ plate

After circuit Jobes and stretching

Days I am not doing this I will be doing some bag work

I will get plenty of running during pratice.

Updates once a day, and always all comments welcome.

have you seen a velocity increase since working out and using weighted baseballs?

My arm has gotten stronger from the combination of both. How much of a velocity increase I dont know. I will know in about six weeks when I am gunned.

Last night I did my circuit and it kicked my butt!

Today we had practice all the pitchers did was some drill work. I plan on hitting my bag in few for some cardio. So till tomorrow.

I was not able to do anything saturday do to a trip I took. Today I was going to throw but it started pouring down so that wait and see.

Also today I going to try and get in soem more bag work and jobes.

I will update on that later.

The past three days nothing has changed except that I am stepping up my heavy bag routine. I did a max long toss session with a freind of mine and I got to 275 ft.We were on a football field and it was a little muddy so that might have reflected in the distance.

Tomorrow I am throwing a 45 pitch bullpen and will update on how that went.

As for tonight more bag work. :smiley:

Today I threw a 45 pitch bullpen. I threw at 70% today.

4 seam was moving good

2 seam had some good sink

Circle change, the bottom was dropping out of it like crazy. The coach said it looked like a breaking ball. He then had me work on a straight change, it still had some good run though.

No breaking balls yet, I would say in about 2-3 weeks we will start incorperating them in.

Tomorrow I will be lifting, I got my running in today so no bag work today.

Till tomorrow.

The past couple of days all I did was rest. So there really was no need for an update.

Today I lifted and I plan on doing some bag work this evening.

On my weight loss, I lost an astounding 5.5 lbs this past week! I will up my calories a little for that is too great a loss for a weeks time.

Tomorrow are bullpens and I will update on how that goes.

Sorry I have not posted. I have been sick and not able to really do much of anything.

There is one week till are season starts. That would be the first day of tryouts but that does not apply to since I am a forth year player.

My last bullpen I threw went real well and my control has 100% improved over last year.

I am not sure what my velocity is at this point and I am not really concerned. My catchers would say something if there was a decrease.

Today was are first day of practice. We were inside today. For most of the time we worked on defensive work.PFP

I threw a 40 pitch bullpen. My fastball was movin good. My change I was having trouble with today.

On a mechanical note, I increased my stride a bit. After that my fastball seemed to have some more getty-up to it. I cam away from the session being sore all over. Which I guess is a sign that I am starting to use my whole body imstead of just my arm.

Pratice today.

Did PFP work and went over bunt coverages.

Threw a 25 pitch bullpen today do to time constrains. Friday I will throw a much longer one. I only had time to throw to one simulated batter. We had someone stand in. My 4-seam got him turning cause he thought it was going to hit him, but it just had some good run on it. Same story with my change.