The Last Person you'd Expect

In my first full year as an ump, I can say it is amazing to me how many kids think they can show me an attitude (What is called showing me up).
My theory is this is because Little Johnny generally gets his way, and when the big bad umpire says no, well he’s then “bad” (I had a kid start crying when I wouldn’t give him the left hand batters box…him and his coach were like giving me dirty looks…it just mystify’s). Expecting that I will see the error of my ways…because they are mad :lol:
Remember I’m not perfect…but niether are you, I’m doing my best as I’m sure you are too. I appreciate effort and a respect for the position. Play on ya’ll :wink:

I’m willing to bet 3/4 of the kids here don’t respect the umpires…

The main coach at the camp I go to coaches an adult league and he never gets mad at the ump never questions him and never argues. He has a bunch of posters of letters from umpires and umping accosications saying how nice it is to know that one of the teams won’t give you any problems. Most umps know him for not arguing so going into to the game he already has the umpires on his side.

I can’t say I haven’t spoken to an ump about certain things but I’ve never raised my voice at them. I’ve always tried to keep it calm and pose it as a request for a clarification of the call or ruling. Most of the time, that works well but every now and then you get one who won’t even allow that. Those guys you can’t do anything about.

I’ve always remembered when, in a coaching clinic I took several years ago, the instructor put it this way:

“Why do you think you can rag out an umpire for a mistake he may have made? Have you ever seen an ump rag out a coach for the dumb mistake the coach made by getting a kid to steal a base when he shouldn’t have?”

That’s a good quote.

The guy that umps our home games is pretty good and one time a coach was arguing about something like a specific rule or something and he said and the ump was like sir there are no appeals in high school baseball. That was it he went back to the coaching box and the game went on.

The league I’m in everyone bats and the coach wanted a pinch runner and the ump wouldn’t allow it and the coach was flipping out and our ump was like ok so if you want to be really specific about rules I’d be concerned about your player not in uniform. One of the kids cut his sleeves off so technically he wasn’t in uniform.