The Kris Regas Story -

Amateur baseball and beyond…

There is an outstand article written by Bobby Jones on a web site call that’s must reading for anyone who plans to chase the elusive trail of college’n - pro ball.

Jones has written a masterful piece entitled “ The Kris Regas Story -Mound Visits Perserverance Defined ”. If any youngster by himself, or - along with his dad, has ever gazed out into a daydream and pictured life striving for a spot in the pro’s via college ball…. the daydream is over folks. Take my word for it – this is how it really works. After all the promises, after all the handshakes, after all the whatever…

Kris Regas had experienced a lifespan along this trail that is all too common but rarely published. You owe it to yourself to travel this road with Regas now, rather than all by yourself later on.

Absolutely a fantastic article!!

Coach B.

great article!!

I couldnt find the article? link?

i think this is it:


Where’s the 2nd half? Did he make it? I can’t wait till January!

good post