The Knucklecurve Grip

Why do some coaches not condone the knucklecurve? 2 different coaches said I need to develope a different one… although I have the filthiest yaker on the team. I wonder why? And I hate it when my catcher won’t call any of my offspeed, even tho there is so many to choose from.

Some catcher you’ve got there! There are two reasons why he won’t call your offspeed pitches—first, because he has too much trouble trying to catch them, and second, because with a runner or runners on base he, like a lot of inexperienced catchers, find that it’s easier to call for a fast ball if he wants to have a better shot at throwing that runner out. I have no use for someone like that.
As for the knucklecurve grip—I used a pretty basic one, which is like the curveball grip except you use your fingertips, and one thing I did was have the index and middle finger very close together and offcenter the way one does when throwing a slider. Occasionally I would vary this grip by extending either finger straight out as if pointing towards the target. And I just threw a curve ball with that grip, and it worked very well for me. I think some of those coaches are so stuck in that fast ball mode they want nothing to do with any kind of changeup—they nave no imagination! I would rather a young pitcher experiment with different grips until s/he finds one that works, rather than be a stick in the mud. 8)

Bingo, Zita!

My definition of a good catcher is one who calls the right pitch, not one who doesn’t want to work. Sometimes a curve in the dirt is the right pitch, ya know!

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i throw a knuckle curve like this. take the two seam grip keep your middle finger onthe seam. and keep ur index finger curled up beside it. make sure your finger nail is short so it doesnt get in the way. then snap ur wrist down and ur index finger should be pointing toward the taret. im 13 so i dont throw it that much

The knuckle curve grip I use is you hold it like a curveball, then retract your pointer finger so the tip is pressing against the ball, almost on the side of it, but still on top. its like your flipping someone the bird almost, if your practicing the grip without a baseball it will look like you are giving someone the middle finger.

If your catcher wont call offspeed, take control yourself, shake him off and get what you want. Hey there not going to blame him for giving up a homer or whatever, they are looking at you, throw your game!!!