The King's Mechanics

Finally found my cord to connect my camera to the computer.

Just a minor disclaimer to keep some of my dignity. It was my first start, I was nervous, and getting mostly behind in the counts (i walked 7 people through three innings :p) so I wasn’t throwing the ball hard at all. I have been pitching a tonne better (1 walk through four innings last game) for those who worry about me :p.

Also, I apologize for the lack of quality.

2 more things: Criticize my mechanics as MUCH as possible.
Ya, I realize that I’m basically lobbing the ball in the end of the clip. The count was 3-0.

I will do my best to try and get higher quality vid’s.

you look like your lobbing the ball in all of the clips :shock:

im not trying to be rude, if i come off as rude i apologize

you need a higher leg kick to get more momentum, need more flex in the back leg as you drive towards home, after you fix that take a vid and we can talk about the problems doing those 2 things will come with

but on the + side… good size :slight_smile:

Thanks, lol about the size :p. Anyways, I also realised that after the game, that I seemed to be pitching a lot slower than I know I can, don’t know why, but it’s something for me to focus on.

did you play highskool ball this year?

No, I play in a summer league.

your only hope throwing that hard with that motion is a knuckleball. if you work and develop a good one, you can get people out. it is the only off-speed pitch that will work without an 80+ fastball. that is the cold reality of pitching if you’re serious.

THose are not pitching mechanics, it looks like your playing catch. Get a higher leg kick and break your hands later. WIth thise mechanics I have no idea how you are throwing 65.

i think u should throw using more momentum
when u throw it looks like ur not even trying to throw hard
now imagine how good u will be if u used ur legs for power

On monday night, I did, use a higher leg kick and gained a lot of momentum.

I pitched a one hit shutout :lol:

How old are you?

Give us age height and weight.

I believe that the second clip second pitch was a baulk. Once you bring your hands together you can’t move anything else.

I’m 16, 205 lbs 6’1

Please don’t take what I’m about to say as anything but constructive.
If you are 16, 6’1" then your a tank, problem is you’re acting like a Golf cart.

I’d forget about all that junk you’re throwing and open it up, Baby. Use all that power G-d gave you and stretch out that body and lt it fly. Your pitching motion at this point will win you a couple of games of darts. I see no energy, no enthusiasm -you actually seem bored. Get crazy! Get Aggressive! stretch out those legs, spread those arms and let’er rip!

In NY, that junk pitching is great for stickball but why focus on the junk when you got the build of a cannon. Believe in your heater, trust your ability and send your fellow Cannucks running from the batters box.

Good luck and let it fly.

Flame On!


Yeah as JB said. You got the size of major leaguer with still some room to grow. Are you new to pitching? Cuz i know when i first started pitching i had the problem of not throwing as hard as i could and sorta jsut lobbed the ball in fearing of hitting the batter or throwing a wild pitch. But then i picked up to just throw the ball and not aim. Like JB said were not playin darts here :lol:

Yes, this is my first year starting. And I did listen to you gents, and, as I said, I pitched a one hit shutout monday night.

Congrats man, keep it up