The Kinetic Chain while pitching?

Does anyone know about the kinetic chain while pitching? Im aware of what it is… i just do not know how to use it. Does anyone know of a good web site or something that i could use to help me use the kinetic chain better. please help

Read lots. There’s lots to read. :smiley:

What is the kinetic chain? I just heard it on that lincecum video that was posted/

the kinetic chain is the use of all major muscles in the body used at a certain time to produce velocity

ohh. Do most people have the kinetic chain right? Or is it something you really need to work on and most people overlook? because I have never heard of it

its not something that you HAVE

when you throw it takes many muscles…

when these are used to throw its what you call the ‘kinetic chain’

The kinetic chain refers to the key parts of the body whose sequence of movements transfers of energy from the feet to the ball. Each part of the body that plays a role in the energy transfer is called a “link” in the kinetic chain. I’d say the main links are:


Proper mechanics and timing allow you to use your kinetic chain effectively so those are what you focus on.

Take the word “chain” seriously. It really is a sequence of events, one “link” building up energy and passing it on to be used, and built upon, by the next “link” in the chain. This is why timing is so critical in the pitching motion. As Roger just pointed out to me in a recent email, the connection from one link to the next must be just as the muscles and connective tissues connecting the 2 links are sufficiently stretched to “load” them. This “loading” process makes the muscle contraction in the next link of the chain more powerful than if you didn’t load them in this way.

To illustrate this, watch the videos of guys like Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens or Kevin Brown from the video clips library. Watch how the hips rotate before landing while the shoulder remain aligned between 2nd and home. This stretches and “loads” the muscles of the torso. Then, at front foot landing, the shoulders rotate. If they rotated the hips, hesitated, then rotated the shoulders, the muscles would not contract with as much power or explosiveness. It’s just like in a chain where, if you pull on one link without it connecting with the next link, it’s not pulling on anything and you don’t get much of a result. Now, connect those links and pull. Results. The energy is transferred from the first to the second and work is done there.

That’s the idea behind the kinetic chain. The challengin part is applying it to the human body throwing a ball. This is why I suggested that you read a lot here and also look at the pro videos. Look at a lot of those videos with all of this in mind.

Here’s one of my favourites for illustrating the kinetic chain. It very clearly demonstrates the sequence, like a wave travelling up from the feet, through the hips, shoulders, arm and into the hand and ball. Exquisite timing of all of those parts. Study this one.