The journey to professional baseball- Priceless

So I have decided to renew my log, even though the last one I never posted on. So this one is a new deal. Enjoy and ask me if you have any questions with my workouts and/or other stuff I post. I will update as often as possible.

Height: 5’10’'
Weight: 180 lbs
Body Fat: 18%
Body type: Stocky
Mechanics: Low 3/4 arm slot, somewhat high leg kick (knee goes to chest high), seems to be in good shape
4 seam fastball- tailing action, 80-81 maybe 82 tops
2 seam fastball- late run and sink, 10-4 type break, 79 mph or so
Curveball- rapidly improving, can have big sharp break, Idk exactly velocity maybe low 60s
Circle Changeup- Haven’t thrown it very much, am still very inconsistent with it. When on looks alot like my 2 seam, looks to be a pitch I can bury in the dirt with 2 strikes.
Velocity- low 80s tops
Control- Good, can hit spots pretty consistently, although occasionally I lose my release point
Movement- pretty good, needs to be a little more consistent though.
Things I want to improve on:
Mechanics: want to get out in front more, finish less upright, have back be flat after release
Velocity: hoping to gain 3-4 mph with weighted ball workouts and hopefully be in upper 80s by next spring
Workouts: need to be more consistent, need to avoid burnout, will be intense for couple weeks and then will burn out.
Nutrition: need to avoid soda and sweets.

Long Term Goal- Play professional baseball
Short Term Goals:

  1. Sit in upper 80s by next spring tryouts (middle of march)
  2. Continue improving changeup
  3. Make either Varsity team, or make Amateur team
  4. Impress scouts/coaches at showcase (July 31)
  5. Get to 12% body fat

Reasons to complete these goals:

  1. love the game
  2. want to prove people wrong

How I will accomplish this:

  1. Will be much more consistent with my Offseason workout plan
  2. Get better each and every day
  3. play as much baseball as I can

No excuses, No regrets, No giving up

So here I go…

Just some quotes I’m putting up to help me and others stay motivated

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say you can’t do”

“Pride is a personal commitment; it is an attitude that seperates excellence from mediocrity”

“Stop making excuses”

“All of our dreams will come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”

“Real preperation=Real confidence”
-Jon Huizinga

dunno if your supposed to reply to personal logs… but oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome quotes man, they really lifted my day. It’s hard for a 15 year old kid (me) that just started playing baseball to not get discouraged. Thanks for giving me some confidence to move on.

If you have an Ipod that can have pics on them there is another way I stay motivated. I get pictures of my favorite pitchers and put them on their I also get those quotes with like a waterfall behind it or something like that. I think right now I have about 108 pictures all togethe: 37 Josh Beckett, 8 lester, 8 lee, 16 Lincecum, 29 others, and 8 quotes.

My arm felt not so fresh today, pretty sore. Didn’t hurt when I threw but my fastball wasn’t jumping out of my hand. I threw alot on sunday so its probably still sore from that, will ice my arm later. felt really good on sunday, ball just didn’t jump out of my hand like it did on sunday. On sunday it felt like I was barely throwing and the ball was coming out pretty easily. Soreness was concentrated in the front of my shoulder, kind of felt like if you have ever gone overboard on your pushups, but felt better after icing and heat pad. After I threw I went for a 35 minute run and that helped it too. Will post exercises later.

Offically became an advocate of Alan Jaeger. After reading his program I realized that Jaeger uses simple common sense and I like that. Often I’m turned off by people using science to support their claims. Pitching is a science to some degree but also an art.
I did the Jaeger program, I know I stated yesterday I didn’t get the pulldown phase but then all of a sudden I was like “wow, now I get it.” I tried it last night and this morning. My arm was sore before I did it and was still sore afterwards but the last 3 hours has disappeared which is a good sign. My max distance was I one hopped the ball at 240 ft from the backstop. Hoping to get to 300 ft by end of august. Felt like I was throwing pretty hard at end of pulldown. Maybe low 80s or so, maybe a bit higher.

changed my mechanics today. tilted my shoulders back and am keeping my body back over my back leg longer. I’m also loading more on my back leg. It really forces me to accelerate my body and arm through the release point. The result is I throw harder and closer to the plate. Was throwing harder then before. I’m going to study Roger Clemens, Roy Oswalt, and Josh Beckett because they seem to perform this well. They don’t match up well height wise but I’m looking at mechanics.

Was gone for a few days. Arm was pretty sore on saturday, today feels much better. Heres my scale for how my arm feels.
A: Great, feels like I could throw all day
b: Good, little to no soreness, maybe a little tight.
c: okay, sore but not bad, typical after long (100+) outing
d: bad soreness, occasional twinge when bending elbow or move arm

Overall, saturday was about a c on saturday but a B today. Will resume longtossing tomorrow. Didn’t workout alot over the weekend, mainly ran and did body work. I have decided to also study stephen strasburg because I think my glove action is similar to his. Also I like how he loads over his back leg and tilts his shoulders until he explodes into his release point. There is a reason he throws upper 90s. I have come to realize that “accelerating” through the release point is key to velocity, something I missed before.

Long Tossed today, arm felt weak afterwards, but quickly went away. I one hopped wall from 290 ft away. Looked at conversion chart which said that I would be throwing upper 80s. I don’t know about that hard, but I have definitely gained more leverage in my delivery since starting Jaegers long toss program. I would recommend it to just about everybody. Threw flat ground bullpen (25 pitches) and 10 pitches off a mound. Then spent about 10 minutes working on my spins. Curveball is coming along, but I am really struggling with my changeup. I keep hanging it. It just doesn’t feel natural, but when I get it right it drops almost straight down which is good. Of course this could be because I am really trying to “explode” through my release point. Did shoulder strengthening after that. will workout tonight and post it.

Threw a 60 pitch bullpen today. Realized something about my warmup. I have come to realize that I need to do Jaegers long toss everytime I throw off a mound. It really reinforces accelerating through the release point. Today I wasn’t doing that so everything was hanging and I was inconsistent. Now I know that next time I need to do that. Now I might not go to 300 ft like I did yesterday (although I might, yesterday I had a much better bullpen) but I need to do that pulldown to reinforce my release point.

Been a while since I’ve posted but was at my cabin. Mainly did running during that duration, some light weights. Was pretty sore after tryout. Was told I was throwing in the upper 80s by some older kid and in the low 80s by a coach, so I will say probably in the low 80s, maybe touched mid 80s. I threw off a fake mound, but it is way better then the mound I’m used to throwing off of so that was good. I felt alot more stable on that mound. the first two throws I was trying to spot my fastball, but then missed badly and just decided screw this and started just throwing and focusing on the glove. Threw much harder and had decent control. Was a little violent, became fatigued at the end of the bullpen and was rushing.

Since then I threw this morning and did weighted ball workouts. I realized I need to do more decelerator muscle workouts because I realized that my arm felt slow after I used the weightballs and I couldn’t seem to really accelerate, so that probably means that. Arm was sore after I threw but has quickly gone away after I did my arm care exercises.

Just posted a clip of my mechanics in my backyard. Am really working on loading on my back leg. Still having some trouble getting over my front leg, which tells me I need to work on my leg strength in the offseason.

Didn’t throw today. Had thrown alot the past 3 days and felt that arm deserved a rest. Did core, arms, and bands today. Have started on AthleanX core stuff by Jeff Cavaliere and its killer stuff. I have already started to see more definition in my abs. Can’t wait to get a six pack (I know its not everthing to pitching, but still looks awesome.)

Just posted a video of my mechanics over on the mechanics section. I was pretty please in how I was getting out in from better. I threw today and abandoned the little hop into fielding postion. Instead know I look somewhat like how Jon Lester finishes. Received Coast to Coast letter today, said I made the team. Will have to convince my parents to let me go though. I was throwing pretty hard today, low 80s probably. Felt really smooth and effortless. I picked up my tempo. I feel like I just need a good offseason of strengthening to be in the upper 80s. Curveball still isn’t there, can’t seem to command it.

Have decided againest fall baseball, and have had no luck convincing my parents to let me do coast-coast. So more then likely I will be shutting down my arm at the end of the week. Then I will rest for the rest of the month. Except for abs and light running.

After that here’s my approximate schedule:

Basic strength training, building strength in my shoulder

get more into the heavier strengthening

continue heavy strengthening

Start focusing more on bodyweight, explosion

Mainly bodyweight, functional strength

Start preparing for season.

I don’t know what I will do with my throwing yet, still trying to work it out.

Have decided to play fall ball this year. Competition won’t be good but will boost my confidence and give me valuable playing time. Threw bullpen today. At first was just trying to spot up. Was only throwing upper 70s. After that didn’t really care about trying to spot up. I just wanted to throw the ball as hard as I possibly could. My tempo immediately quickened. I had more violent rotation and I tell you I was throwing hard. A few times I didn’t even see the ball as it went towards home. I felt a lot more confident trying to throw harder then trying to spot up. I think I finally achieved “the Stare” :shock: . I truely felt like I was going to blow the ball by everybody. This is a key attitude becuase you will throw harder. Kris Regas did it and went from low 80s to upper 80-low 90s. I think I’m finally starting to see progress and know now what I need to do.

  1. Develop better body control, will achieve this through yoga and Fletchs/Zingers workouts.
  2. Develop overall better strength. I became fatigued towards the end and my legs are actually sore after my bullpen

I became fatigued towards the end was leaving everything up. Will be gone for the weekend but will still try and implement the body control part of what I need to improve on.

Sorry for the long time between posts have been gone. Tomorrow is our 1st fall ball game. Saw flaw today in glove action. I pulling it slightly towards 1st base which causes me to open up a little bit. will do breakdown and hopefully fix it soon. I need to keep it over the stride foot. hopefully this will get me better velocity and control. I have had problems with a consistent release point so this is likely the cause. Days I will be spot on with my fastball and overdays it is all over the place.

Threw a short bullpen today before the game tomorrow. Arm felt pretty good, not really explosive like I wish it was but I didn’t do the Jaeger long toss before I pitched which was probably why. I did do it about 30 minutes before I took the mound and my partner said I was throwing pretty hard. I didn’t really do the program I was just dipping my back shoulder alot, so hopefully tomorrow I will get to pitch and try to get that explosiveness back. My bullpen went ok. We didn’t have any gear so we didn’t use catchers and its tough to judge velocity with no catcher since the ball slows down alot after it passes the plate. I would say I was throwing upper 70s. But I made the adjustment in my glove arm and was painting the black with my 2 seam. I think tomorrow I should be back up in the 80s (hopefully). I also didn’t really warmup alot. It felt good since I was throwing harder then anybody else and had much better control. Everybody else was in the dirt. One kid though looked great. His curve had great bite on it and cutter really came in. He was pulling in his glove though and so his control was somewhat erratic. I spotted it and told him it. Hopefully he will listen.

I think I need a new delivery. I was trained very much in the fundamentals (balance point, power position, etc…) so I have decided that starting tonight I will try and put together a new delivery. I am scraping my old one and trying to focus on a new more explosive delivery. Using my knowledge I think I can achieve better velocity, control, and movement. Of course I will change only the things I think can be changed and leave stuff that is a pitchers style alone (leg lift, and arm action, stride length, and stride foot placement.) Heres what I plan to change:

  1. Getting my hips going towards the plate sooner, I already do this but I want it to be greater.
  2. Later hand break. This is somewhat determined by the adjustment above, but it is still important.
  3. Getting my hips more involved, I have noticed that my seperation just isn’t there. A common way to tell is by the back foot. Mine doesn’t rotate until I release the ball so my arm is basically doing all the work.
  4. Better glove action, I feel that my shoulders are opening a bit too quickly and I think its cause of my glove action.

Hopefully with those adjustments I will be able to become a better pitcher

I will also be studying pitchers. As of right now I’m looking for guys with a longer arm action. As of now I have Roger Clemens, Roy Oswalt, and Greg Maddux. Will probably add more as I go along. Oswalt will likely be the main one I look at due to are similar height and weight. I’m a bit more stocky then him but we are close.

My line for yesterday:
1+ IP, 1 H, 1 ER, 1 K, 0 BB, 4 HBPs.

I decided saturday night that I needed to change my mechanics but didn’t want to try to tinker with them until after the game. My control wasn’t there, was missing spots badly. Main cause was opening up to soon. I was trying to throw 2 hard. Was taken out after I hit 2 guys in the second. Kind of ticked me off though because I realized after I hit the second guy that I was flying open. But still got taken out. Was shocked and frankly pissed off that I got taken out so early. You can only throw 3 innings a game in this fall league but still I felt I should have gone longer.

Arm was really sore after I pitched, probably because I was dragging it. but got better after I started playing the field. Iced after the game and feels good today. I would say its about a C+. some soreness but not very much. I hit pretty well yesterday which surprised me. I hadn’t faced a pitcher in over a year and did pretty good. I’ve been working on shifting my weight forward so I still need to get that down. I struck out once on a pitch about shoulder height. I walked 3 times (twice on 4 pitches, once after I was down 0-2). Hit a clean single to right field my third time up. If I had used my swing before where I kept my weight back, no way would I have been able to hit that to right. It jammed me a little bit, but was still a clean line drive.

Am working on getting my hips closer to home plate before I start my stride. Also working on a later hand break. Trying to fall off to the 1st base side more to get better seperation (may not be best way but seems to work for me), I never felt like I got my hips involved at all. Will throw about 60% this morning and then Jaeger long toss tonight.