The Journey of a Newcomer

Hey guys. I’ve decided to start one of these to track my personal progress from the start of my “career” til whenever I end. I also thought some might find it interesting to hear from a rookie. I’ve never played baseball before but I’m working with two friends who pitch for AAU teams. My school doesn’t care at all for the baseball team (some kids didn’t even know we had one) so making the team won’t be a problem. And the season doesn’t start until february so I have lots of time to practice. Here’s a little background for you guys
Name: John
Grade: Junior in high school
Age: 16
Weight: 135lbs
Height: 5’5"
Other Sports: Basketball
Personal strength training bests: 16 chin-ups, 150 bench max, 250 squat max (haven’t squated in a 5 months so this may have dropped significantly), 105lb bar curl, 26 inch vertical
Arsenal: don’t really have one…best 2-seam fastball was 60mph and I’m slowly learning the slider
Goals: Grow to 6’ before college
Gain 10lbs before season starts
To pitch for my school’s baseball team
Hopefully play on an AAU team
To play in college (not necessarily a big name college)

I plan to do some throwing with my friend later. I’ll try to update you guys on how it goes.

sorry about the doble post. idk how to delete the other one

9-26-10: Didn’t get to throw with my friend, samuel, today because it rained nearly all day today :(. I haven’t thrown in over a week so I really need to get out there soon. Aside from that, I ate very healthily today; I got my 3,500 calories in and ate about 110g of protein along with a glass of milk and 5 bottles of water. I’ll try to work out after school tomorrow although I have some community service to do with my school. Mondays I usually do an arms/chest workout but tomorrow I might do chest/legs since I haven’t worked my legs in a while.
In terms of updates, I’ll try to give one every other day.

9-27-10: Didn’t get to workout today due to community service with some kids at my school. Since we do that almost every Monday, it’s very likely that I won’t be able to workout on Mondays again. I then had to start a new weekly routine. Didn’t get to throw yet again today because of a terrible storm. Looks like rain is in the forecast almost all week…

9-28-10: Got to workout after school today. Because of my service project on Mondays I had to completely change my workout schedule. It used to go
Monday: arms, chest
Tuesday: Legs, abs, back
Wednesday: off
Thursday: arms, chest
Friday: Legs, abs, back
Although I work the same body parts twice a week, I do completely different exercises each day. For example, on Mondays, I may do hammer curls and on Thursday I would do bar curls. But here’s my changed schedule. It’s not set in stone yet but here’s what I’m thinking about doing.
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Legs, abs
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: All upper body (arms, back, chest)
Friday: Legs, abs
Since today was tuesday, I had a legs+abs day. Here’s my normal Tuesday routine:
Step-Ups w/ 50s in each hand-3x6 (3 sets of 6 reps on each leg)
calf raises-2xfailure
lunges w/45s in each hand-3x5 (each leg)
dumbell torso twist
Not too much but I don’t really know too many other workouts for my legs. Any suggestions would be lovely. I’m thinking about starting the TuffCuff program which I hear is fantastic. I didn’t get to throw yet again today due to the rain and it’s starting to bug me. Thursday looks clear so I’ll try to get out there. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Not too much but I don’t really know too many other workouts for my legs. Any suggestions would be lovely[/quote]

Add squats to your workout, they are a must :wink:

[quote=“R H P22”][quote=“jspeed12”]9-27-10:
Not too much but I don’t really know too many other workouts for my legs. Any suggestions would be lovely[/quote]

Add squats to your workout, they are a must :wink:[/quote]

Thanks for the tip. I haven’t squated since may and I was trying to avoid those because they hurt my back like crazy. I did some light squats yesterday tho and they weren’t too bad.

Ok guys, sorry I haven’t been updating like I should. I’ve been really busy lately but I’ll try to remember everything as best I can.

9-29-10: Didn’t workout today because wednesday usually isn’t a day that I workout. Had a 10min jog though. Had a baseball team meeting today to get everybody signed up. The coach says we’ll be having small 3-person practices in Oct./Nov. Due to my school’s league’s rules, we can’t start real practices until January. Didn’t throw today yet again because of the rain. I hate it sooo much! They say there’s a big cold front coming so I guess there will be some reward to all this rain. It’s nice going from the 90s everyday down to the low 70s

9-30-10: Worked out today, had an arms and chest day. Didn’t get to finish everything because a lot of the annoying sophomores at my school came in the weight room and just started playing with everything. Here’s what I got done though:
bench press 6 sets(various weights and various number of reps)
dumbbell curls 3x6 w/35lbs
dips 3x10
hammer curls 1x6 w/30lbs (this is where the sophomores started goofing around)
front dumbbell raise 3x6
dumbbell lateral raise 3x6
rear lateral raise 3x6
(The only reason I can remember all this so well is cuz I have an app on my iphone called “ifitness.” very very very good app for tracking workouts and it has a ton of other stuff. definitely check it out if you have an iphone/ipad/ipod touch)
Then I went home and I had a physics lab and a ton of other hw to do but I got out for about 10mins and did some throwing with a friend. It finally stopped raining and it was about 70 degrees! very nice day.

10-1-10: Had a legs workout today. Didn’t focus on leg strength as much as plyometrics. The strength training coach at my school told me that was a very important part of baseball so he gave me a little workout to do for that as well as some things to do for my abs. Went home and my friend, Samuel, and I practiced for about 2 and a half hours. I can throw decently (some throws are still a little wild) but the fielding aspect of baseball is kinda difficult for me. I can get most grounders but the pop-flys…I’m terrible with those. Catching a ball that’s thrown quickly at me isn’t too much of a problem anymore for me. Tomorrow’s saturday and I’m going with Samuel to visit his bro in college. We may be able to play with some college kids because his bro is on the team at his college.
I’ll update you guys asap.

I’m sooo sorry about this really late response. I’ve had a ton of work this week because I’m taking 3 AP (Bio, US history, and English) classes along with 3 honors classes (Spanish 4, precal, and physics which I’m taking to prepare me for AP next year. I hear AP’s really hard.) and last week everything just crashed on me. Next week will be the same due to PSATs. Didn’t do any throwing last week but I managed to get a short workout in everyday except wednesday. I plan on throwing today but I have a lot of homework due monday so it won’t be for that long. I’ll try to update you guys asap

I’m really sorry about the lack of anything exciting to write about this week.

No worries. Your priorities are right in line. Grades first.

ok so once again I’m really sorry about the lack of an update in a while. This may have been one of the most stressful weeks of my life. I had tests, quizzes, lots of homework, and PSATs. But anyway I’ll start with monday because I can’t remember too much before that.

[/b] 10-11-10[b]: Threw for about 2 hours with my friend Samuel today. We worked on a lot of fielding as well which I am absolutely terrible at. The pop-flys still scare me on the way down, gotta work on it. Got home, stayed up till 4 cramming for a test and a quiz.

[/b]10-12-10[b]: A little sore from yesterday. Couldn’t stay awake during any of my classes and I did abysmally on my test and quiz. Anyway, after school no one was in the weight room so I had a fantastic work out. I never realized I could get so focused when no one else is there. Tried squating for the first time since May today and it hurt my back like crazy. Other than that, I did some arm stuff. Found out that we start our little 3-man practices Thursday so I’m super-excited. Plan on taking wednesday off because I have a psat and I know it’s gonna leave me completely drained.

[/b]10-13-10[b]: Felt really rested going into the psat but coming out of it I felt terrible. It lasted about 3 hours and it’s really hard for me to keep concentrated on anything for that long. I thought it was pretty easy though. Didn’t workout today because of baseball tmrw and because I was in desperate need of some sleep.

[/b]10-14-10[b]: First baseball practice today. For the first 20mins, we threw to loosen our arms. Some of the guys haven’t played since last season while I’ve been playing every weekend so I’m beating most in that department. Hitting however is just not my forte. It was my first time ever picking up a bat and for about an hour one of the coaches worked with me on hitting. He told me I had a lot of potential because after I got the correct stance down I had about 12 good hits in a row. At first the whole motion just felt awkward to me but after a while it felt a lot less weird. Got home and as I’m typing this, it’s hard for me to lift my right arm very far. I think I may have pulled a muscle or something. My right arm and both of my shoulders hurt like crazy. I’m gonna take some advil and take it easy for the rest of the night.

Fall break is coming up this weekend and I don’t have too much homework so as soon as I’m less sore I’ll be able to get out there and throw. I can probably update you guys more often now since I’m off from school for a while.[/b]

just for anybody who was actually reading this two years ago, I didn’t make the team that season and I got a job the next year and now im in college so I never played haha. It was pretty fin during tryouts though. Don’t really know what brought me back to this website but yea…the biggest thing I learned was that baseball isn’t nearly as easy as people think it is. Definitely respect the sport a lot more now

Well said thanks for coming back to finish your story.

All the best to you!