The Journey: From Freshman to Varsity and beyond.


Hey guys, I decided to begin this forum post to track my progress as I move up through the ranks of the game.

A little bit about me.
150 lbs.
Played freshman baseball last season
Left handed :smiley:

Currently I throw:
Fastball: 2 and 4 seam (70-72)
Change: mid 60’s
Curve: low 60’s? Haven’t had it gunned yet.

Varsity as a sophomore. Everyone tells me how unlikely it is but I like proving everyone wrong!!
3 year varsity letter
Play college baseball at any level.

I am starting the tuff cuff tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to keeping you guys updated on my progress! Feel free to give me any feedback and advice!


After being inspired by LankyLefty and his journal (read it start to finish lol) I have decided to follow his footsteps posting all my successes and struggles.

I woke up early this morning around 8 and did my first tuff cuff workout. It was ok, however since I had drivers training I could not get my running portion in.

Later, I had a summer game against one of the local high schools. This was their 18u varsity team, so it was tough for our team to scratch runs across. I didn’t pitch, but went 1-3 in one game and was a defensive sub in the next. Overall a pretty good game for me, but I’m really looking forward,to the next time I can pitch. Last time I came in with the bases loaded and gave up 3 straight walks before being pulled. Was a little rattled, but I understand you will have ups and downs.

I’m going to start posting videos of my bullpens so you can get a feel of my stuff. I have another game tomorrow so I’ll be posting about that!!


Good luck at your game! Remember, strike one is the most powerful pitch in your arsenal.


Thanks for the tip CoachPaul!

Well here I am again, back from another game. Once again I did not pitch, but we have a tourney coming up this weekend, so hopefully I can get some relief work in there.

Went 2-3 today at the plate with an RBI and made a few good plays in the field, so it was a pretty productive game overall. One of the other (unfortunately cockier) lefties on our team got the start, and gave up 8 runs in just 1 1/3 innings, but it’s not that big a deal.

Tomorrow I will Week 1 day 2 of my tuff cuff workouts, and since I have a few days off before the tourney I’m planning on hitting the cages and throwing a bullpen,'which I will upload so you can get a feel of my mechanics.


Hey guys I’m back!

Once I have non bullpen video to show, ended up being too busy with other work to make it to the schools bullpen, however I did hit in the cage Thursday.

As for the tournament, we haven’t dome so good. Our pitcher in game 1 fell apart, but another kid stepped in and finished the rest of the game. Game 2 my cousin pitched 8 innings, but we could only tie the team due to time limit.

I’m upset that yet again I didn’t pitch, but the tourney wraps up tomorrow and it’s not looking like we’re going anywhere.

Beyond this weekend the last game of our season is Tuesdays, then it’s “tryouts week” (what I call it, seems like all travel teams in the Detroit area have it the same week lol).
Ill have about 3 weeks of hardcore training and bullpens before I start the fall season, which I play in a Saturday league and a Sunday doubleheader league with some potential college guys (which I’m really excited about it should be great competition since I’m only going to be a sophomore.)

One more thing, I’m having trouble gaining weight, I’ve been stuck around 150, what works for weight gain besides working out? Should I stock up on muscle milk?


Hey guys

I did not get the chance to pitch at all this weekend, and I had just an OK tourney. I can play better I just need to focus on the positives more than the negatives.

With one game left this summer, I had a big day today. I did my tuff cuff workouts then went to the cages and hit a lot, took grounders and threw about a 35 pitch bullpen.

The problem is I can’t figure out how to upload the video from the camera to the computer to YouTube! I will have the video up as soon as possible lol.

Im hoping to bounce back tomorrow and end the summer on a high note tomorrow!


I had the same problem with gaining weight. I am going to be a sophomore as well and it seemed like I just couldn’t gain weight. Then one of my school coaches gave me the best recipe in the world (in my opinion).
Peanut Butter and honey with chocolate milk. Skim milk + lowfat chocolate syrup = healthier chocolate milk. I also eat Subway quite often. You can get some really good stuff taste wise and health wise. Just hit the weights hard and eat ALL THE TIME. I was told that we (teenage guys) have natural growth hormones. So when you see a guy in the bigs get suspended for steroids (hgh not peds) we have that stuff naturally at this age. So hit the weights and eat all the time but make sure it’s good.



These are the first 2 videos of my bullpen, I apologize for the bad camera view on one of them.

I’ve already found some mechanical flaws in the videos, but feel free to leave some advice for me!

This week has been quiet since the last summer game Tuesday, I did not get to pitch again, but the fall season will definetely be the time for me to log some innings. I worked out Monday and Wednesday with tuffcuff, and also did some running.

This weekend is actually kind of big, Im going to 3 travel tryouts. I played with my HS summer team this year, but we only played about 16-20 games the whole summer. So if I can get on some type of high level summer team it would do good things for me.

Thanks for the advice too Astro25! I picked up some muscle milk and power bars for after workouts as well. Hopefully i can gain a few lbs.

Ill post another update after tryouts!


Good news to start out the post

After 3 tryouts this week, I now have a new summer travel team. The first tryout was Saturday, and I did not know we had to run the 60 yard dash. However I ended up doing it in all 3 this weekend. I was a little unprepared Saturday, and my pitching was struggling. Curve was not working well, and I wasn’t locating the 4 seam well either. Change up felt sluggish, as if my arm was slowing down just to locate the ball. Bottom line is, I’m not expecting a call from them.

Sunday was a different story: I woke up early and went to the first tryouts at 9 AM.(Michigan bulls for any michigan guys reading) there had to be at least 80 kids there, including a majority of last years team. I ran a slower 60, but I had some good BP and outfield work. After about 30 minutes waiting to pitch, the coaches talked to me and asked lots of good questions, like my hs team and stuff. Pitching felt great. They didn’t let me see the radar readings but I assume I was sitting 68-70 at least. I thought I had a chance to make it. The tryout ended up taking 4 hours!!! My last tryout for the Metro Detroit Athletics was at 2, so I had to make a quick subway stop and it was on to the next one.

There were only 30 kids at this one, although it’s a real high end team. I think they’re already planning on the black swamp tourney, etc. anyways my arm was still warm because i only had 20 minutes in between, spent sitting in the car driving to the next tryout with my dad. It was around 85 degrees plus humidity so I was drinking at least 5 bottles of water lol. I felt overheated, but I pushed through. I ran a slower 60 than earlier (7.95). But was able to hit and take infield very well. (I also play a little first base because of being left handed) outfield was very easy, and my bullpen was solid. I don’t think I was throwing as hard as earlier because of playing for the last 7 hours, but I was keeping the ball low and accurate. It was probably my best tryout of the weekend.

And today around 5:30 the coach called my cell phone and offered me a spot on the A’s! It’s a high level team and I’m really excited for the chance to play for them and start getting some exposure next summer.

Anyways, I did my tuffcuff today despite severe leg soreness. I puller both my hamstrings after swimming later in the evening Sunday to cool down. I still haven’t gained much weight, which is upsetting because I’m hoping I still see results from my workouts.

It was a tough weekend but it was totally worth it. I know if I want to succeed on my new team I have to get a lot better!

I could have a bullpen video up tomorrow as we’ll, I’m planning on a big workout day tomorrow.

See you all soon!


Congrats on the team man! Sounds like it will be a good experience! How did you find all these travel tryouts? I’ve been looking for a while and haven’t been able to find any! Anyways, make sure to take in as much information as you can. Don’t be frustrated with not gaining weight! It will happen just keep at it. Drink a TON of water. It will make things easier on your body and also helps you gain weight. Also, most coaches like to see the 60 yd dash. I don’t know what is in TuffCuff, but working on speed and agility and explosiveness will help you in all aspects of your game, including pitching. Also, be sure to stretch and stay flexible! There also some good YouTube channels that I have subscribed to that have a ton of information and have made me better. Just be a student of the game always!


@Astro25 thanks for the tip man! What kinds of YouTube channels are you subscribing to? I’d like to find some good tips online. Also, here in Michigan we have a couple resources for travel team tryouts. had baseball forums specially for Michigan (don’t think it’s for any other state) where dozens Of teams post tryout info. The metro Detroit area travel leagues (KVBSA AND MABF) also have tryouts for teams.
As for nationally, I believe has a national database of teams and tournaments, though the forum here is pretty dead. Just try searching your state for example, “Idaho travel baseball tryouts” and see what comes up on google.


Short post today. It rained a lot here today. Was still able to go to the cages and hit and throw with my dad, but that’s about it.

I used my tuff cuff to find out exactly how many calories I need throughout the day, and it came to about 2600, based off a 2000 calorie diet. (TUFFCUFF said to add 500+ calories a day for weight gain) but, I calculated that I need about 84 grams of protein per day. Which would mean a couple glasses of muscle milk per day(50g) plus Greek yogurt (14g) and a protein shake, meat, etc. in order to be able to reach that daily requirement.

The next few weeks will just be about my workouts, maybe some bullpen and hitting videos, etc. I have about 3 weeks of no games before the fall league starts on the weekends.


There are a lot for hitting but not many that I have found for pitching. I like Dead Red Hitting and BaseballSecrets for hitting the most. For pitching YouGoPro is a good page with a website . BaseballSecrets’ website is and Dead Red Hitting is Those are my three favorites and on twitter I like @PitchMechanics @PeabodyBaseball @PitchingAdvice and @TroyPSilva! I’ll let you know if I find more that I like!


Hey guys- big day today; both physically and on the mechanical side as well.

Started out with tuffucff after driver training, I’m now up to phase 1 week 3. I’ve been trying to follow it religiously. The light dumbbell exercises are actually tough stuff and great for the rotator cuff.

Later, after swimming with some of my teammates my dad and I went to the freshman baseball field for long toss and a bullpen. Arm felt good today. When the bullpen started I noticed my ankle was seeming a bit…sore? I first I thought i hurt it, but then i had a little breakthrough.

If only I had video of tonight it would make so much more sense. Here’s what I think is going on. My right foot when I stride is going to the outside part of the plate to a righty, and my foot is pointed about 45 degrees. I think what that’s doing is restricting a full rotation of my hips, which leads to my head and core bending towards the inside of the plate. (See my bullpen video and watch my core and head movements.) I think this is also leading to my foot “flying up” too early and is unable to drag thus making my head and shoulders fly to the right, while my leg is positioned on the outside of the plate.

The rest of the bullpen was spent trying to make sure my leg is facing my target, and checking if my foot is dragging the rubber. It’s a simple fix, but my pitches today were ending up inside because my arm was coming ACROSS my body instead of like a whip. My arm was coming across because of the last paragraph.

Like I said, I felt like I missed a chance for some great video tonight, one that would’ve helped me figure out just how much mechancial errors I making. I will have the camera everywhere I go from now on.

I then hit, and the ball was popping off the bar. Line drives, so at least that part of my game was in sync today.

I’ll get some video before the weekend, and I’d appreciate some feedback on what I think I’m doing Wrong. Please watch the first bullpen video to see what I’m talking about with my feet and legs.


Big day today guys!

I went to the high school football field with my older brother and dad and had a kick ass workout today. Ran the bleachers (3 sets of 4 bleachers up and Down. We have a big stadium) then we did some ladder workouts and some sprints. I also practiced on running some 60 yard dashes. My dad timed me at 8.08 on the first run and 8.23 the second. I ran it 3 times, but the third one the stopwatch didn’t work. So obviously based on those times there is some work to be done with my speed.

I’m actually going to Pittsburgh for a few days next week for a pirates game (we’ve been trying to visit all 30 stadiums) and the hotel has a gym. I will get about 2 days of workouts in while I’m there.

Tomorrow is looking like another big day, planning on getting pitching and hitting videos recorded on posted for you guys!


I posted 2 of the bullpen videos above, theres 4 of them (unitl I can figure out how to easilycut them into 1. I’d appreciate any feedback.

Pittsburgh was actually a really cool place. I went to the Tigers and Pirates game. I stayed 2 nights, and it was a really good time. its a nice town, I’d recommend visiting it sometime.

Fortunately for me, our hotel was across the street from a park in downtown, so I was able to throw right in the park. I also got a good workout in at the fitness room. Even better, I weighed in at 154 today, a 2 pound increase from 3 weeks ago! Lots of protien stuff has helped me a lot.

I have fall ball in about 2 weeks, and that will be a workout and game saturday, and a varsity level DH wood bat on sundays. So I have things to look forward to!


More calories and more protein.

I would take in 1 G of protein for every pound…so if you want to get to 170lbs I would take in 170G of protein a day.

An average skinless chicken breast has 35-40G of protein. 84 G a day is not nearly enough for recovery let alone weight gain.

Sample diet:
Meal 1:
3 eggs, 2 turkey sausage patties, toast, milk
440 calories, 59 g of protein

Snack 1:
2 pieces if fruit
200 calories, 1 g of protein

Meal 2:
Tuna sandwich, cup of almonds, banana, milk
1550 calories, 58g of protein

Snack 2:
Persons nut bar, veggie juice
640 calories, 15 G protein

Post workout
Muscle Milk
240 calories, 25 g of protein

Meal 3:
Large chicken breast, 2 cups of veggies, 1 cup brown rice
760 calories, 54 g of protein

Snack 3
Yogurt, 2 cups raspberries
350 calories, 12 G protein

4180 calories, 224 G of protein.

A couple of things. Obviously numbers are estimates. This is a diet to gain weight. Peanut butter is great also.
Eating like this is not easy. It takes dedication and some time. Anyone can hit high calorie numbers by eat a double cheeseburger with a chocolate milk shake three times a day.
The example I gave has some carbs, veggies, fruit and lots of protein. Eating healthy, lower fat foods while in taking calories means eating a lot.
It will take time to build up to this kind of eating and certainly you can tweek it. If you have a smart phone there are some very decent free calorie tracker apps (that include protein). You don’t have to obsess but do need to be aware.
Eat veggies…because they are low calorie and low protein it is the first thing guys forget when trying to gain. Your body needs those vitamins and nutrients. I make my own veggie juice which tastes great and helps intake good vitamins.
What you can’t do if you want to gain weight is skip breakfast, not tracking calories will kill it too. Another no no is not eating much then trying to “catch up” by stuffing yourself before bed.
You have time to figure it out.
You will also notice no soda. Those are purely empty calories and add no nutritional/recovery benefit to the body.
I did not list water as it has no calories but it is vital as well to body performance and recovery.
Happy eating!!


First off-
Fearsome four, you’re absolutely right. I dug a little more into nutrition and I definetly need to get more than 84 per day. Thanks for all the help. I feel like nutrition is a really important part of getting the most out of my body.

Kind of an important post today, I have a big question I’ll ask later.

I start fall ball this Saturday, and I have that varsity level league on Sundays. I found out my fall team will actually be playing my high school varsity fall team in a few weeks, so that’s a big chance for me to impress even though I’m on the other team this time.

Threw a bullpen yesterday and felt the best i have in a long time. The ball was staying low, curve was active, lots of strikes were thrown. A huge step forward for me, also felt like I was throwing harder (tuffcuff?)

But time to get to the question. I’ve been researching the recruiting process obsessively for the last few days, I know about the clearinghouse, showcases, levels of play, all that stuff. But my question is: When should I begin to contact coaches???

I’ve looked into how to first write to coaches through mail or email, then follow up with a phone call (yikes) but I am about to go into my sophomore year. I have seen artciles saying to start junior year, while others say start right about where I’m at now, an incoming sophomore. I just want to get my name out to the local NCAA and NAIA colleges near me by sending an intro letter and maybe a copy of my fall schedule? Is that appropriate?? Someone with recruiting experience please help!


It appears ur stepping out with the glove leg and not gliding


Hey man I’m a sophomore as well and had the same questions about recruiting. Hopefully someone can help provide some insight on recruiting,if not looks like Google is our best bet.