The Journey: From Freshman to Varsity and beyond

Hey guys, I decided to begin this forum post to track my progress as I move up through the ranks of the game.

A little bit about me.
150 lbs.
Played freshman baseball last season
Left handed :smiley:

Currently I throw:
Fastball: 2 and 4 seam (70-72)
Change: mid 60’s
Curve: low 60’s? Haven’t had it gunned yet.

Varsity as a sophomore. Everyone tells me how unlikely it is but I like proving everyone wrong!!
3 year varsity letter
Play college baseball at any level.

I am starting the tuff cuff tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to keeping you guys updated on my progress! Feel free to give me any feedback and advice!

You haven’t given up, have you? How did things go for you last Summer? What are you doing to get ready for this season?