The Journey Ahead: Healing the UCL


This will be new pitching log. I will use this to monitor my arm condition and pitching performances. I’m entering my junior year in college. I’m coming off a good sophomore year at college and signed a full contract to play in the Northwoods League. I was used mainly out of the pen because I’m a sidearmer. Summer season was going great until I partial tore my UCL playing some routine long toss. I’ve been resting and icing ever since. MRI revealed it was not serious enough for Tommy John. I start physical therapy next week and will keep a log on here of my progress. I’m excited to start rehab and get on my way to returning to the mound.

I’ve also done some looking around the internet. I have found different diets that encourage ligament and tendon healing and repair. I plan to follow these plans to aid in my recovery.

*Strictly follow rehab
*Don’t rush the process
*Return to pre-injury arm strength
*Stay positive


Good for you! Stick with it, and take your time—remember the old adage that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Good to have you with us. 8)


Good luck with the progress.


First session of PT went well yesterday. My trainer said I was ahead of the game so that helped calm me down. I was given a program of various stretches and resistance band and light dumbbell exercises. Today was my second time through the exercises. My elbow felt much better and my flexible has increased. I will be having an ultrasound in about a month to determine if surgery will be needed or if I will be receiving a PRP injection.

Has anyone received a PRP injection before? And what were your thoughts/results?



PRPs are fairly new, might be hard to get some feedback.

I’d suggest posting this question in the injuries forum so you can get more people to see it and hopefully get an answer.


Arm is feeling great right now. The stretches and exercises are loosening the scar tissue already. I know I still have a ways to go but its nice to see and feel the results so soon. I started to add more high rep body weight lunges, single leg lunges, squats and single leg squats to my daily workouts so I don’t lose too much leg strength. Slowly but surely I will return to form.


Did you get some answers from the ASMI forum about the PRP?


Yes I did. There were many posts about PRP and a lot of people had good things to say about them. They were able to answer my other questions also


The arm is feeling a lot better now. Its been a little over 3 weeks since my injury occurred. I’m still continuing my clean diet and my daily rehab exercises. This weekend was very motivating for me. I watched my NWL teammates play at our home stadium. It was bitter sweet seeing and visiting with them but it has completely motivated me to get back to that level again and hopefully be invited back next summer. The future outlooks promising as I will likely be able to begin a throwing program in October-November. Between now and then, I will be receiving PRP therapy and will track how that progresses for me. I’m read many encouraging about it and hope it will be equally successful for me paired with my rehab.


Be sure to keep us posted how the PRP goes.


Physical therapy is going great. I’m noticing a lot more flexibility in my shoulders and in my cuff, especially today. I’m adding more body weight lunges and single legged squats each day along with my abs work. I still have a slight tightness when my arm is completely extended, but it goes away with the light stretching. I’ve started to wear a compression sleeve on my pitching arm and that seems to help too. I’m just trying to take this day by day and learn as much as I can about pitching more efficiently.


I’m just about to complete my first 2 weeks of PT. I have my second appointment on Monday and will be get my next series of stretches/exercises. My shoulder flexibility is increasing, but my elbow still doesn’t feel right when fully extended, it just feels tight, I hope its just the formation of the scar tissue. Hope to learn a little more on Monday. I’m going to ask my trainer about some dry mechanics with absolutely no arm swing. I’m still trying to remain upbeat. Current plan is to continue rehab till late August, get an ultrasound, results will decide my next action. If ultrasound looks good, PRP therapy followed by more rehab. If ultrasound doesn’t look good, TJ surgery. Hoping for the better of the two


Had my second session of PT. I have gained 4 degrees in my ROM in my elbow. I’m currently at 180 degrees in my pitching arm and 181 degrees in my non-pitching arm. Trainer said I’m progressing nicely. I’ve add a few new exercises to my rehab, but mainly we increased reps and the resistance. I have a meeting Friday to discuss PRP with the doctor who specializes in that therapy. Hopefully that will clear the air for me mentally. I’m still remaining upbeat and can’t wait to get back on the field


PT is still going well. Yesterday I had an ultrasound on my right elbow. The doctor was happy with what he saw. My ligament is starting to tighten up like its suppose to. We determined we would go ahead and get the PRP therapy. I’m planning to get the ultrasound guided injection sometime in 2-3 weeks. I’m very excited for this. I will keep y’all updated on the PRP in addition to my recovery.


Sounds good man, looking forward to hearing about the PRP


Been a little over two weeks since my last post… My former NWL lost in the 3 game championship series… I watched parts of the game live and looked like they could have used another reliever.

As far as rehab, I’m progressing nicely. I’m using much higher bands and doing more reps than when I started 6 weeks ago. I feel almost no tightness in my elbow when its fully extended. However, my family and I have decided to ensure the best possible recovery, we are going to go ahead and get a PRP injection, I will receiving that injection this Friday. From what I’ve read and found on the internet the typical recovery is 3 months post injection. I will be in a sling for about a week after the shot. Another week of minimal use the of the hand (i.e. no rehab, just very little stretching). So basically 2 weeks off from rehab, then follow-up appointment with ultrasound to see how the UCL looks. And hopefully jump back into rehab and go from there. Come friday, I’ll post a little more often to track my own progress and let other know how PRP is going.



Greetings from a fellow sidearmer!
My wise and wonderful pitching coach of decades ago knew I wasn’t very fast, and he told me that if you can’t overpower the hitters with sheer speed you have to outthink and outfox them! And that was what I did—an extensive arsenal of offspeed and breaking stuff, plus that devastating crossfire, and you should have heard the batters scream blue murder and a whole lexicon of Class-A felonies to boot, because they couldn’t hit me for sour apples. I won a lot of games and rescued a lot of games and had a ball doing it.
Just want to wish you the best of luck. I never heard of the PRP injection, but if it works for you, go for it. :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:



I’m slightly curious about what you threw for offspeed, how you grip each pitch, and the wrist/arm action associated… I throw a slider and have a split-change, neither of which are a plus pitch. I primarily throw the 2seam/sinking fastball. In fact, one game I threw 67 pitches in 7 innings of relief, and 64 were fastballs yet I didn’t surrender any runs. I’m always trying new things to add another pitch and hope you can help me out.

In addition, how dramatic was your crossfire step towards third base?



As I mentioned earlier, I was not particularly fast, but my slider was actually my fastest pitch, topping out at 86, and I could change up on it by relaxing my grip which brought it down to 79. I had a four-seam fastball at 82, and my other stuff varied from 69 to about 80—I was surprised to find that I was faster than I thought I had been. I used the same grip for that pitch that Ed Lopat did—index and middle finger very close together, middle finger just touching one seam, fourth and fifth fingers sort of curled up on one side of the ball, thumb underneath and sort of splitting the ball in half—a standard slider grip, in fact, and I was thoroughly comfortable with it. My other pitches? I didn’t pay much attention to how I was gripping the ball, except for my favorite changeup—the palmball, often referred to as the “Bugs Bunny” change, and very effective it was too. I could vary the speed on that one.
As for the crossfire—I worked fast, and I used a slide-step all the time, so when I wanted to crossfire one or another of my pitches I just moved. Full windup or stretch, made no difference; I just moved fast, took that step toward third base, whipped around and threw from that angle—and the batters were caught off balance all the time! You might call it dramatic—I called it a crossfire. I had picked it up when I was about 12, and I fell so in love with that delivery that I ended up using it all the time. Lopat checked me out on it, noticed at once that I wasn’t getting quite the
momentum going into it from the stretch that I was from the full windup, and he worked with me to get it up to the speed I wanted. (I had the nickname “The Exterminator” pinned on me as a result.)
Any more questions, feel free to ask—I’m no farther away than my stupid computer.
:slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:


[quote=“Zita Carno”] my slider was actually my fastest pitch, topping out at 86, and I could change up on it by relaxing my grip which brought it down to 79.

As for the crossfire—I worked fast, and I used a slide-step all the time, so when I wanted to crossfire one or another of my pitches I just moved. [/quote]

Based on your description, we hold the slider in a very similar fashion. Thru my college days so for my slider has transformed back and forth between: a frisbee (i.e. 9-3 break) with almost no drop and a cutter with less movement and more velocity. Depending on the day it varies. I’ve even thrown a few that appear to rise according to the batter and catchers.

Do you have footage of your motion? I’m always curious to watch the motion of fellow sidearmers and take bits and pieces to incorporate into my own.