The Itis

Hey guys… I have tendonitis. I had it last year, it went away prob cause i didnt throw fora while, but we had pitchers n catchers yesterday and I threw and im sore, and ive been throwing like Beginning of January. I iced my arm last nite for around a half hour, 10 on the back side of my shoulder(where it hurts the most), then on the top of m shoulder, then the chest side. I took a few aspirin…? asprin… w/e not the point, and i stretched it and did light dumbells and took 2 aspirins this morning and it still hurts. Any help? please cause I have the work ethic to go far, but the itis is stoppin me from actually shining. gras guys

How do you know it’s tendinitis? Were you diagnosed with it? If so, didn’t you get rehab? If so, didn’t they give you tubing drills and possibly some light weight training?

Go to the Mayo Clinic site to read about it.


I was diagnosed with it last year around the same time, because Ive had arm problems in the past few years. The doctor gave me like higher dosage like motrin / advil to take fora few weeks, and thats it. but thanks for the site sir

If your doc hasn’t given you shoulder specific exercises or sent you to a PT, you should get a 2nd opinion IMHO.

It really doesn’t sound like the doc understands that you are an athlete who needs to be proactive in maintaining the health of your arms and legs, and all the connecting tissue between. Motrin, ice, and rest are great if the most work your shoulder gets is bumping someone out of the line for the urinal, but for a pitcher you should have a program to maintain that healthy arm and shoulder and reduce the probability of a recurrence.


dont ice…

why not ice?

Unless you have a serious problem, I would work through the pain a little bit. You should be sore after you workout and the next day even but you should also be able to warm up and perform reasonably well without pain.

I would say that the OP is just masking the pain and not dealing with it.

But I really haven’t done any experimental/book research on it…

i used the icy hot patch last nite from around 630 last nite till i woke up this morning at 615 ish… it felt good, and before i went ot bed i moved the patch to a different part of my shoulder. Any stretches / light dumbell suggestions?

Take NSAID’s (Advil, Alieve) not aspirin. It will do more. Aspirin is just for pain, the NSAID’s deal with pain, by getting rid of the inflammation, and thats what you need.

yeah well like i cant just take a bunch of those cause they’ll mess up my liver and stuff… not worth it… im using the icy hot patch right now as we speak… but does any1 know any stretches/ exercises i can do to keep this at a minimum , cause honestly it hurts like a mofo

News Flash man, its only bad for your liver and stomach if your taking an overabundance of them, not just taking them for pain. You can safely take up to 12 a day.
FYI, Aspirin are much, much worse for you than NSAIDS (Advil, Alieve)

alright well thanks but still i cant rely on those to take away the pain, cause i mean its just taking the pain away for a little, not healing what is wrong with me u know? but thanks . but any stretches / lifts i coudl do cause it sucks… i have a band i use like a large elastic band i do like external/ internal rotation, abduction… idk the name of the other 1… but like cuban presses i guess?

Take a couple of advil, and start to understand that it’s ok for your arm to be sore the day after you pitch. I don’t remember the last time my arm wasn’t sore the day after I pitched. There’s a difference between immense pain and soreness.

oh no this was immense pain yesterday. i warmed up and then I threw one pitch… used all my legs and then after i pitched it… i threw my glove and walked off the mound cause of how much pain i was in

Then shut it down. See a doctor as soon as you can.

hey guys i went 2 the doctors 2day, and he said that the xrays were perfect… meaning that nothing is wrong with my arm. I have an MRI next wed. then im goin 2 review em on thursday

hey playassss… got the results from the MRI on wednesday… yesterday… i have a case of chronic minor shoulder tendinitis… gave me a cortisone shot and im startin physical therapy on wednesday. for about a month i think