The International Space Station

A youngster and his friends were playing on our street, just a
few houses down from me and saw me looking up into the
night sky recently. His curiosity got the best of him and he
walked over to my wife and I and asked “what’s up?”

I said "the International Space Station was going to cross the
night sky shortly and we wanted to see it.’

Shortly thereafter, a bright small dot appeared in the night sky moving
quickly from south to west.

“Well, there it is gentlemen – the International Space Station.” I said.

One of his friends who knew I was a pitching coach said to me, “ boy,
that’s really high and outside, ain’t it coach?

LOL sooooo bad but soooo funny at the same time Coach

Hey Coach B…have a Yuengling on me.

Did you hear the one about the wooden Indian? You know the one that stands in front of all the western trading posts. Well, everybody passing by this particular wooden Indian would hear him saying, “Chance!” “Chance!” “Chance!”. It was the darndest thing. Finally somebody went up to him and said, "Hey I thought you Indians were supposed to say “How!”. The Indian replied, “Me know How! Me just needum Chance!”


An Army Scout, looking for a Cheyenne camp, came across an Indian
sitting on a ridge overlooking a collection of tepees down below.
He asked the Indian if that was a Cheyenne camp, to which the Indian
said no.
“We the Hecowiee.”
The Army Scout never heard of the Hecowiee Tribe.
“How’d ya come by that name?” the Scout asked?
The Indian got up and looked to the horizon and said,
“many, many moons ago our people were lost in this
vast wilderness, with no direction and no name. We
wandered aimlessly. Then, our great Medicine Man
stopped on this very spot of land, raised his medicine
staff upward to the Great Sprit in the sky and asked –
who are we Great Sprit? A great silence came over us.
Then the Medicine Man shouted – WHERE THE
HECK ARE WE? So, the name … Heckowee seemed
to fit,… and here we are.”
The Indian then extended his arm hand shook the
hand of the Army Scout and said … “ high, I’m Bob.”

LOL its been a tough day at the job these have helped alleviate some of the tension.