The importance of fitness and good mechanics

Several weeks ago at the Olympic Trials I got a chance to show the importance of being (staying) fit and having good throwing mechanics.

It was my 8th Olympic Trials and despite being 50 years old (and two months) I came second, beating guys up to 30 years younger than me, and just missed out on making the Olympic Team. My throw broke a 24 year old World Age Record by 23 feet - A record that was believed by many to be impossible to break!

OK I am not a baseball pitcher, I am a javelin thrower, but the mechanics are very similar in each.

Not surprisingly I got a lot of media coverage and the most asked question by journalists ( and other athletes and coaches for that matter) after the competition is how I have managed to stay healthy and still be able to throw at such an advanced age.

The answer is that I focus on fitness and a well balanced training program which has allowed me to keep throwing, with few injuries and no surgeries. In addition to that I have always worked on having good throwing mechanics so that I am efficient in my throw and minimize stress on my joints ( I would like to point out I have never had any problems even now with my shoulder or elbow).

For several years now I have posting on this site with regard my training methods and ideas. I don’t have any gadget or special device that will make you a better pitcher but I believe my training method is unique in both its approach and its execution. A lot of it is just common sense.

I am going to be doing throwing clinics around the US this fall / winter and would like to start to branch out into doing training camps for baseball players / pitchers.

If there is anyone out there that would like to host / co-host such an event I would love to hear from you.

FYI: My silver medal winning throw is now up on You-Tube: