The Ideal Leg Kick

I have a different leg kick almost every pitch, I was wondering what the ideal leg kick should be. How high/low? Thanks.

Leg lifts are a personal thing, basically it just needs to be high enough that your not rushing to catch up to your lower body. For me, I need to get mine a little higher so I can get my hips out in front without rushing, but its a personal feel thing. If you need to know which works best, start with a higher lift and work your way down until you start to feel like your rushing.

i noticed that Josh Beckett, Dice-K and even Mariano Rivera almost cross thier legs or tap thier knee with thier heel, shuold i try this?

the ideal leg kick is one that is repeatable, consistently gets you to the same place every time. and is comfortable to you. not everyone is a nolan ryan, not everyone is a greg maddux. kind of opposite sides of the spectrum but both are hall of famers.

It’s definately not good if you don’t have consisten mechanics…but that’s your thing, and I won’t get into one of those battles…
I have heard, and you can see it with a lot of power pitchers, that if you bring your knee slightly back and rotate it around your back leg, depending on how comfortable you are with it, it can help improve velocity. Mariano is an example.
Now, as far as how high or low depends on a few things:
1: from the stretch or windup- stretch you’ll probably want a lower one so you can deliver to the plate faster with a runner on
2: how comfortable you are with how high you want to lift your leg/knee
3: how flexible you are
Like the other guys said, it has a lot to do with personal preference.

^ thanks man