The "Hit Away" Accident

This hurt like you wouldn’t believe, but it was funny as hell.

So about 3 years ago i was hitting on one of those “Hit Away” contraptions, and on about the 7th swing of the day, the cable snapped and whipped around the pole and smashed into my head b4 i even knew what happened. The next thing I know, I’m waking up with my friend kneeling over me looking scared and laughing his ass off at the same time. He said i was out for like 5 minutes.

The ball hit me about an inch and a half above my right eye, and i still have the bump and scar.

The friend who was there was actually taking a video on his phone at the time, so I got to see it happen in real time; it was funny as hell. All you hear is “PING”, a snapping noise, and than the “THUD” all within about a second.

You gotta drop that vid on the tube :lol:
You’ll be famous…maybe even one of those Americas funniest home Vids or something…What did you expect for $19.95?..Quality, workmanship…or just another head ache? Note to all, your humble poster…me, has also wasted the aforementioned $19.95 (Plus tax)…I think my son and his friends ended up using it to tie up sundry younger pesky brothers and leaving them for the mosquitos on a few of those nights when they were supposed to be camping…and my wife and I “thought it was a little quiet out there…” :lol: :shock:


of course, me being cheap, the hit away thing is the best investment i could have gotten with that 19.95
ive also gone through about 4 of them since last season, but my batting has improved since ive been using them.

Lawsuit pending?

It’s amazing how many substitutes there are for a hitter actually seeing live pitching. Advice to all dads, throw to your son! It’ll help him alot more than the batting cages!