The Grind


I’ve posted this before, but it’s worth looking at again.

Do you really want to know what it takes to make it? Do you really want to know what Steven Ellis had to endure and push for to make it? Is this sport just a game to you and not a burning desire?

Here is what EVERY kid that woke up one morning and decided to stop being a kid and focus on serious side of this sport. Yes, this is not for everyone-but, are you just everyone?

TCU Baseball 2012 - The Grind - YouTube (TCU Baseball 2012 - The Grind - YouTube)

Go get’em kid!

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I love this quote. Reminds me that if I don’t succeed, it’s my own fault. When I take the field, I want to be able to say I did everything I could have done to prepare. Even that one morning you don’t get up could be the difference… Eric Thomas is a great speaker, would definitely check him out if you need some help developing a good mindset.

“There’s no talent here, this is hard work. This is an obsession. Talent does not exist, we are all equal as human beings. You could be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top, and that is that. I am not talented, I am obsessed.”
— Conor McGregor

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