The greats of each pitch

i found it interesting to look at all the pitchers that throw each pitch well and see how they grip it, thought u guys would like to also

johhny pap


huston street

doc halladay



jose contreras


and finally madduxes ‘running fastball’

any other pitches? let me know il try and find them

brad lidge slider

Trevor Hoffman should be on there for the change up I’d say.

lidge slider/cutter … not sure:

hoffman… looks like a palmball:

keith foulke change-up
dan haren splitter
mussina spike curve
eric gagne change-up
brandon webb sinker
hideki okajima splitter
hideo nomo forkball
burt hooton knuckle curve
bert blyleven curveball
elroy face forkball
sandy koufax curveball
bruce sutter splitter
joe boever or jim corsi palmball (i doubt you can find anything related to these guys though.)
dennis eckersley slider
fernando valenzuela or jim mecir screwball
tom glavine change-up
bill lee screwball
randy johnson slider

Did you know that Wakefield is really the only person to grip a knuckleball like that. What separates him from the others is that his pinky is out and curled, I think he does that so that he only has one finger to slider out.

when is was pretty good at knucklebhalling i threw it only with 3 fingers. index middle finger and thumb. everything else was up and i could get no spin pretty consistently.

bump. Great post!

KRods Slider/Curve/watever the heck it is, its discusting and I want it!

How about Tom Glavin and Johan Santana’s Circle Change