The Greatest, Most Forgotten Asset For a Pitcher/Player

It isn’t the mind, or Marshall…Nope not Nyman or Mills…Forget Tuff Cuff or your personal pro trainer…It sure ain’t jd or Roger or DM…
It’s that person who asks…"which uniform are you guys wearing today, wheres your cup…have you got your cleats rounded up?"
She made sure you ate…and got rest even though it ticked you off…because you had it under control…SHE didn’t understand…
but she made sure you had a gator aide…sat out in the heat watching a game she likely didn’t even understand very much…not just heat…cold…gnats, squiters…she dealt with blow-hard dads who knew better than everyone there and yelled it loudly…umps that cheated her kid and a coach she’s likely cursed more times than anyone will ever know (I’m sure he still wonders why his hip hurts…or he’s got a pain in his neck).
It’s your mom…you owe her big time. I sure hope you know that…I’ve always watched how kids treat their mom…did they show respect…did they appreciate…or were they spoiled little brats…did they treat her like some kind of servant…good only to get something for them from the concession stand and get the heck away…or were they cherished and appreciated for the really great and decent people they really were…some of my guys lost playing time…and likely still scratch their head wondering why.
She loves the sport likely only because it makes her son happy…likely couldn’t tell you who Maddux (But she named my dog that :wink: ) or A-Rod or Man Ram or Big Poppy is…but these guys all had one…who likely did all the above and more…helped with stupid time consuming fund raising and went to team parties she may have never attended under other circumstances…
If it were left up to dad and you didn’t know where your stupid nut bucket was…well the family tree might just lose a branch…dirty uniform? Tough luck chief…shoulda washed it, I think you ought to drink from the water fountain in the dugout and if you were hungry you should have made your own sandwich…or got seeds or gum BEFORE the game…and don’t be callin over to me tellin me to get you a stinkin gator-aid…I watching a game here :shock:

I sure hope you guys that still have a mom just take a minute and do something really nice for her…not just on Mothers Day…do it when it isn’t expected, do it because she deserves it…though she doesn’t expect anything from you but a little love and a great and happy life…Shes your best asset she always will be…you just ask someone who doesn’t have one with him anymore.
Always remember the last word out of anyones lips as they die is almost always calling out to her…
They deserve more than a day…but would be embarressed if anyone made such a fuss…


Well said, jd!!

I’ll tell ya one thing, my Mom was my biggest fan, and Blue always knew where she was sittin too ! To this day, she knows alot more about the game than most men I know …

Nice post, JD.

You definitely have a career in writing when you get tired of telecom.

Bump ya’ll AND DON’T FORGET!!!

Thanks for the bump, JD. This was a little before my time here at LTP. Well said.

Beautiful post, jd.
I miss my mom something awful. She passed away seven years ago at 94, and I still haven’t gotten over it…maybe we never get over these things. But, wherever you are, Mom, I just want you to know that I will always appreciate you and the things you did. I love you and I always will.