The Great Greg at work

If you didn’t happen to see it, Wed night he threw less than 70 pitches, gave up 1 run, 3 hits and got his team in position to win (He got a no decision). How extraordinary is this man, he’s in his 40’s…has a 3-4 record and an era that is so unlike him…but is it? The reason his era is high for this year is the Padres went 22 innings in a night game, they threw everyone but the grounds keeper in that game…the next day it was Gregs turn in the rotation, he threw 137 pitches and took a loss where he gave up 9 runs…but threw a CG…taking one for his team and skipper. Think about that for a minute. He could have quit 5 maybe even 7 years back, he would have had a special spot in the HOF, “Most dominant pitcher of the 90’s” 4 Cy’s…just keep adding records…But it isn’t records he cares about, it isn’t notariety, it isn’t glamour…Greg is addicted to competing at the very highest levels…He’s like Jet Li in the movie “The One”, it doesn’t matter to him about anything except playing this game THE RIGHT WAY, at the very pinnacle…I believe in my heart that he sees it as a sort of responsibility to himself, that he keep throwing until he’s ineffective…I hope the younger posters resist the urge not to watch him when they have a chance (It isn’t boring), it will be like being able to say that you’ve seen Cy Young…think about that…I can tell you all that I have seen Hank Aaron hit one out of Wrigley (Saw Ernie Banks do it too), I’ve seen the great Gaylord Perry beat the Oakland A’s and Vida Blue in his prime, I’ve seen Hoyt Wilhelm pitch a complete game using that amazing knuckler of his and Kerry Wood in his prime against the Braves…Got to talk to and watch Jose Rijo in his prime as well as see the entire “Nasty Boys” group throw. I’ve been to Riverfront and seen the entire Big Red Machine dismantle a team in their prime…none of it compares to how important it is to me to say I’ve watched Greg Maddux pitch since he was a rookie. I can only think that to watch the Babes entire career or to see Cy Young pitch would be as comparable…
You kids need to make time in your busy day, he won’t be around much longer…you adults that want to train pitchers, don’t copy his mechs…learn his approach, his preparation…see how he studies the competition…do any of you wonder why the sinker is becoming the number one pitch in the majors?

Very nicely done JD.

This craft of ours is every bit as academic as it is athletic. And Maddux is a profesional among professionals and by my account one of THEE consummate artis of our times… as you have so eloquently stated,

Very nicely done and enjoyable reading.


What kind of answer is that “ya”. But more then one word buddy. JD, Greg is a one of those pitcher we are all very privileged to watch play. He’s a once in generation player who doesn’t just play the game but he understands how to play the game the right way. I really enjoyed reading that.