The Future of Pitching Mechanics? (I HOPE)

Just for fun I have posted a video clip off my desktop showing the graphics used to illustrate some of the new 3-D motion capture software out there. This is a side view, frt view, and an ariel view along with a chart showing in degrees the rotation of the pelvis, upper body, and the separation (x-factor) btw pelvis and upper body vs. time. This is actually a division 1 Sophmore pitcher.

Some of the bennefits of this type of software is that you get any angle without a single camera (the sensors are magnetic). Data is sampled at 240 times per second vs. 30 times per second with standard camera. This type of software will actually give any quantity desired. i.e. rotational segment velocities, linear postition, accelerations, Rotations angles and a graphical interphase to analyze what you see.

I wanted to get some feedback on this persons mechanics based on the video. But I also wanted to know what you all think about the usefulness of the software. Keep in mind I couldn’t show much data (If there is any particular measurement or quantitiy you would like to see please let me know). The animation only has a picture of the body parts that I choose to mark in this protocol. That’s why the legs are missing, except the feet. I can actually measure where the knee is located based on original position and segmental measurements taken before the software was used. Any feedback or ideas would be helpful.

This is the first video i’ve posted so if it doesn’t work I’ll try again

Sorry for the poor video quality, I’ll try to post a link to my website where it can be viewed larger and the data table can be seen.

The NPA does this with IR cameras that get 1000 frames/sec or some ridiculously high number.

Edit: Using magnets seems like an interesting idea though

Is there a way to capture scapula movement?

that looks 100% exactly like my mechanics! strange!

heres a quick vid. But my leg lift isnt like that. I was just testing to see if a lower one would be better. But my leg lift is similiar now to that of billy wagners.

cool vid