The Freak goin all normal on us

The scary part is the very strong resemblance to The Great Greg in the pic on the right :lol: :lol:

I gotta admit I wasn’t a fan of the long hair, but whatever gets the job done.

Lol I dunno bout that claim JD, I’m not seeing it.

It’s about time. Didn’t like the long hair either - at least, not as long as his was.

It’s the smile and glasses, I’m eating Mex food in Seattle right now or I’d dig up a Great Greg pic that you would say they look more like brothers than Greg and Mike.

Long hair flappin around on a 100 degree day would bug me plenty, maybe the Yanks have him on the radar :shock:

Mexican food in Seattle? What’s next - salsa from New York City? You need to come to Arizona for some good Mexican food. My treat.

DEAL amigo!
Working my way around the country, sampling good food and baseball establishments 8)
I’m on my way out today but I hope to stop in on Kyle once more…the kid has a good plan and a facility which will bring success. I’m in Birmingham periodicly and will be dropping in on Dr Fliesig on his invite too.
Seeing the vaunted “Roger mound” has always been on my bucket list, and if I can roust that guy up in Nova Scotia…Pheonix will never be the same

:shock: :shock:

I like the shorter hair. It looks much more comfortable.