The football thing

Hey what’s this thing:

Mainly, will it screw up my arm?

I just threw this pitch in my front yard according to my dad it get 6-10 inches downward break. No supination needed.

I have heard that this pitch is really just fine on young pitchers arms but of course you need to consider how it works for you. I have seen this pitch thrown with completely wrong mechanics where the pitcher does turn the arm over to get action on the ball. If thrown right I see it as a way to throw a change up with a very different grip.

Isn’t that how you throw the euphus (spelling lol) pitch?

My 11 year old starting throwing this pitch this past year in fall ball.When thrown correctly it is not stressful on the arm or elbow and is a great variation of the change up.Batters get frustrated when the ball drops to thier feet just as they swing at it.

I am sure that isn’t the same as a ephus pitch, I have heard it called a football pitch and maybe the slip pitch

Somebody is getting their pitches all mixed up! The “slip pitch”—not to be confused with a pitch that slips out of a pitcher’s hand and falls to the ground with a resounding plop—has a couple of different forms. Paul Richards described it as a variation of the palm ball, but would not elaborate further—that’s one version. The other—the one I knew, having learned it from Ed Lopat—was a hard slider thrown with a knuckleball grip, and I could use several different such grips which resulted in different breaks but the same result, batters striking out right and left! The eephus pitch was, and is, a slow high-arcing curveball that can reach 15, even 20, feet before descending. As for this so-called “football thing”, it seems to be just another changeup—albeit a good one. The important thing is that you have to throw every pitch, whatever it’s called, with the same arm motion and the same arm speed as for the fastball—you don’t want to telegraph your pitches!!!