The feel of sound mechanics

i’ve recently been working on staying smoothed and relaxed while exploding with my hip and abs when i deliver the ball. the problem is that i am having is how do you know how much to bend the back leg when before striding to deliver the ball. Sometimes i feel i am in a much more athletic stance but haven’t but have only done it a few times…the rest to of the time i stride without bending my leg much and i still throw hard (79-83mph) but i throw high…should i stick with getting low and seeing how that goes…i think i can throw even harder like that but i don’t know if its a good or bad habit to learn.

Proper mechanics in throwing a baseball are obviously critical. Before you put in time practicing something that may eventually hurt your development you may want to take a look at a video available through Convention Services (email address: The content deals strictly with pitching mechanics and may prove valuable to your progress. The presentation was made by coach Denney Crabaugh of Oklahoma State University at last weekend’s (1/6,7,8/06) ABCA (American Baseball Coaches Association) convention in Chicago. After speaking with a number of coaches in attendance, most felt it was one of the best of the 24 presentations made. I’ve worked with pitchers for almost 40 years and, to me, the content of this video breaks it down simply and clearly. You may also want to check out Joe McFarland’s book “Coaching Pitchers”. It’s got all you’ll need. Good Luck!

Is the video electronic and downloadable or must one purchase it as a tape?


The presentation given by Crabaugh was part of the annual American Baseball Coaches Association convention held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (1/6,7,8/06). It was videotaped by Convention Services as it was presented and can be ordered via the email address given to crumbface19.

Since no video-taping or sound-recording was permitted (other than by CS) during the entire convention, my guess is it has to be purchased. The cost is $30 per video plus $3 S/H. All orders have to be prepaid and payment can be made by cash, check, VISA, M/C, or AMEX.


Ooops. Looking back at my notes and forms, the tape sells for $20 not $30. S/H is the same. Sorry…

Thanks skwezeplay.