The Effectiveness of the Football Changeup

A very effective, safe pitch for 9-12 year-olds (and older) is the football changeup. My 11 year-old son has used this pitch and has struck out in excess of 200 batters with this pitch, and I can count on one hand the number of significant hits against it. His coach used this pitch in the pros with success, and the movement on the pitch is very deceptive. You will need to use a loose grip with the two seams parallel to your fingers, and your thumb on the bottom seam. After you have mastered this pitch, you will see about 14" of drop from 12 to 6, like a pro curveball. Throw the pitch with the same arm speed as a fastball. A hitter will see a pitch they think they can hit, swing WAY early, and completely miss it. For those who can stay back and recognize the pitch, the drop will get them as well. I would recommend this pitch in addition to the circle changeup for young players.

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