The Dynamics of a Pitch

There is an outstanding article that you all should copy and reprint and save in a three ring binder. It can be found in the INFORMATION BAR at the top of this web site called :

PITCHING ARTICLES… and then click on to the following:

Baseball Pitches - A Pitching Guide To Different Baseball Pitches

Pay particular attention to the charting at the bottom of the article that shows you the intended flight of your pitch… from the batter’s perspective.

When you master one pitch… say a four seam fastball… you should work on refining it’s dynamic property(s) so as to change the complextion of that pitch… hence giving it another look… even if only slightly.

Also, when your pitch is working… this charting of your selected pitch should give you a reference point of how well … or not… your getting the expected results.

Also, pay attention to the squared off area that Steven Ellis has provided for you in the example of each pitch. This is EXACTLY how you should be judging your performance… each and every time you deliver. In other workds…“where are you?” high… low… in . or out?

So, face your catcher and divide him/her into squares like in the charts… per the strike zone of the batter in the box… then work from there.

For youngersters below at age of 14 … this may be a stretch… depending on the ability and talent of each youngster. But 15 and above… it should be a given… WORK ON IT.

Coach B.

Wow… That article is amazing, thanks for pointing it out Coach B.

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