The do's and dont's about longtoss

Steve, I heard long toss doesnt not improve velocity. Is this true?

Didn’t you make a topic like this in another thread? 8)

Yea, but i need all the advice i can get!

C: I feel like I keep answering the same questions from you. ??

Don’t make long toss such a big thing. Just go in the back yard and have a catch with your dad or a buddy. You don’t need to time it, you don’t need to measure the distance – just play catch every day or every other day. Move back when you feel like it. Stay close on days you don’t. That’s it, nothing scientific … doesn’t have to be. You just need to throw, and I’d bet you’re not doing enough of it right now. Am I right? When was the last time you played catch? When do you plan to play catch again? Forget about “longtoss” and just focus on those three questions…

post what you are doing now. when does your season start