The Dirtiest pitch

hey every one i was wondering what you all thought was the dirtiest pitch in the game of baseball?

by dirty i mean batters cant touch it…it just has wicked movement

Pitch i think is the dirtiest…-either a splitty or knuckle

Uhm… the best ptich in baseball is strike one…Batters can touch any pitch upon occassion…For a good review of tough pitches made by hall of fame pitchers take a look at Ted Williams book “My Turn at Bat.”

Williams called the low outside slider "the Bas–rd pitch. I think part of it was because a number of umpires would call it for strikes. That being said the cloest thing to an unhittable pitch was Hoyt Wilhelms 2 strike knuckler. Thjat was the one that he took all the spin off and just let it dance. Wilhelm could actually somewhat control his knuckler by adding a rotation or 2. For instance, to get strike one he would add a couple of rotations of overspin to get it to come in and basicially just drop. Williams said the two strike knuckler was “like a butterfly gone berserk.”

Even a spitter thrown high is a homerun ball.

For me a ball that is sharply droping in the strike zone is toughest:

Sutters Splitty
Blylevens-over hand curve

are good examples, Ian.

When I’m hitting, I hate to see a slider with tight spin that starts in the middle of the plate and disappears … I don’t throw a slider, however, because I find its too hard on the elbow and there’s a high risk of it being flat.

Call me old school but i say the moving fastball. Look at guys like Peavy, Maddux and other guys who can control their fastball that moves. Of course maddux and peavy are completely different pitchers. a moving fastball or a sinking fastball has to be tough.