The difference

After watching a couple of mechanics on youtube from some of u guys

it made me think.

What do you americans eat:P?! like seriously :lol: .

Most of the guys here in holland from my age (21) that play baseball look the same like 15 year olds over there in the USA :o .

sooo, tell me , what do u guys eat :shock:

When looking at the American player Vs other players around the world, take stock of the …“stock”. American players have a human mix that includes has a wide cross section of humanity. European, Mediterranean, African, South American, Asian and just about every mixture from every continent on the planet. Americans are a diverse, yet richly proud of their ethnic heritage.

Boy meets girl… and away we go…

I would assume that in the Netherlands, the population base is fairly stable with little influx from other nationalities. Not so here in the States. America is built by immigrants, from one generation to another - thus the intermarriage and new families with a diverse aunts, uncles, nephews, cousins, etc… Take my family for instance - Dutch, Irish, French Canadian Indian, Italian, and Native American Indian. We span every occupation, served in all our Nation’s conflicts, and so it goes. So, one of the reasons for Americans being … well, American … is the stock that we come from. And @#!$ proud of it!

Coach B

hmmmm-m. Holland is less multi cultural than the USA thats for sure.

But still the average 13-15 yeard old kid looks like a 20 year old over here :stuck_out_tongue:

Though, they probably are (way) shorter than must dutchies.

besides that I still think Dutch women>USA :lol:

edit: I sometimes do wish I was an american tho! :stuck_out_tongue: or spend half a year USA then Half a year Holland for the rest of my life. I’d love that hehe