The day before a game

Anything special you guys do the day before a game or for that matter the day of a game and special rituals anything you practice. Generally i have a light day throwing the day before stay about 60-90 feet and just get the arm loose. Does anyone practice there mechanics or go over a gameplan im still in high school so the only scouting reports we have are from the last time we played them and how they did. I know come gametime most of that means nothing but whats all your routines for the day before/ day off a game.

The day before a game should find you in a routine that varies little from your day to day routine that every athlete maintains. Your sleep regiment, your breakfast, your study habits, your overall time management, family chores, and all the other things that happen because there’s value added to your life and purpose.

Exercises that are routinely done to keep your muscle tone in shape, your tolerance levels up, and your mental outlook that handles the little adversities in life, are all equally important.

If you find a pitching drill that’s not too demanding on your shoulders, but reinforces good posture and attention to detail(s), keep that drill, or drills, in your everyday routine. In fact, the important word here is routine . So, before and after an appearance, routines that are equally balanced for your particular style and tolerance levels are mandatory. The important thing is how these fit your personality and physical condition.

I know this doesn’t address your question directly - but then, the answers are so very personal to each and every pitcher that try-this, try-that, is not the route to take. Ask your coaches at school, or ask a college coach what he/she recommends while he/she is looking at your, taking stock of your physical build and how that impresses him/her. You’d be surprised how helpful many college coaches will be, just for the asking.

Coach B

Ya i know what you mean it always come downs to the pitcher himself but maybe i could make it so you guys can tell any rituals you have superstitions before a game maybe like the guy from major leagues blessing his bat or something lol

Ohhhhhhhh… those routines, superstitions and the like. Well you won’t find a more superstitious lot on the planet then ballplayers - craziest bunch I’ve ever seen. Here are some of the things that

I’ve seen over the years.

Always get out of bed and put the pivot foot on the floor first.
Sleep with your head at the other end of the bed.
Sleep with a Saint Christopher medal under the pillow.
Don’t shave on game day.
Wear your sanitary socks inside out.
Spit on the bottom of your spikes before leaving the dugout.
While on the mound, rub the ball counter clockwise.
While taking the field from the dugout, don’t step on the baseline.
Before throwing the first pitch in each inning, take off your ball cap, cover your face then take a deep breath.
Before throwing the first pitch in each inning, take the rosin bag and bounce it in your hand three times.
“ Hail Mary, full of grace …”
Never look or talk to the third baseman.
Before throwing the first pitch, look at the umpire and say to yourself, “ you son-of-a-#!@!!, and just get it off your chest now.
Before taking the field each inning, take a drink of whatever - but don’t swallow.
Think of the ugliest person that you’ve ever seen - now think of yourself being married to said same. Things aren’t so bad now, are they?
Watch one of your teammates blow a bubble with his chewing gum, then watch a fly land on it, then watch him pop the bubble and keep on chewing.

Good luck this year…

Coach B.

Start the game with low socks, white batting gloves and my new bat.

If I don’t get a hit, switch to my old bat, high socks, gray gloves and switch the helmet.

If I get a hit then put the socks back down.

If I screw up in the field then change the socks.

You could always try sacrificing a live chicken like Pedro Cerrano from the Major League movies! I honestly couldn’t tell you my routine for the day before throwing in a game, but I can tell you that I would do a high arching long toss the day before to stretch out my shoulder and keep everything loose and limber. The day of, I wouldn’t talk to anyone, just have my ipod cranked up to all the heavy rock music I could find. I’d throw my pregame pen, have 2 gulps of a gatorade, and half a cup of water immediately after, throw on my hoodie, pull the hood up sit on the farthest right part of the bench in the dug out with my ipod blasting again focusing on the game and visualizing what I have to do for the upcoming game. That was my typical routine as a starter, but when I was a closer it was nothing even close to that. As a closer, I would bring the seat cushions to the ball park and down to the bullpen with me, put them on the bench, and go to sleep, typically have someone wake me up in the 5th inning to stretch and play a little bit of catch. Then I’d down a Monster Low Carb energy drink. Then I would just crank up the ipod, sit back and enjoy the game before I was called on to get up and finish the game.

I forget to mention my most important thing. I have to file my nails before every game because I never know when I have to pitch in relief.