The Dave Dravecky story

I just watched a show on MLB network about the '84 Padres. A part of this show included an account of the trials of pitcher Dave Dravecky. For obvious reasons, I can’t detail the entire saga in this post but a brief summary is warranted. Basically, the man had cancer in his pitching arm, had half of his deltoid removed, made a remarkable, miraculous comeback for one game and five days later horrifically broke his arm in a game. Dravecky’s pitching arm had to be aputated as doctors found a recurrence of cancer cells.

If Dravecky’s story doesn’t exemplify mental toughness, I don’t know what does.

It’d be cool if anyone familiar with the Dravecky story would chime in with thoughts.

As a side note, the man went on to right several books and participate in countless speaking engagements in the hopes to inspire others with his story.

As another side note, his rotation mate Eric Show exemplifies a darker mental side of pitching which is juxtaposed to Dravecky’s if anyone would also like to comment on that.

I met Dave Dravecky at a motivational seminar. I found him to be quite inspirational and genuine.

His experience is a common one of tragedy turned positive. We only have one choice really, either let it turn our lives into chaos or meet the pain head on and try to use that energy in a positive way. Each one of us face similar experiences in life. Untimely deaths, life threatening illnesses, debilitating depression…We make those choices for the benefit of others if we can find the courage. Obviously, Dave did and countless people have been helped.

I personally know a pitcher who was born with a deformed arm. He pitched by tucking his glove under his deformed arm and was successful in a AAAA high school prep school and then pitched at a high level JUCO.

Thank you for bringing Dave’s story to the forum.

I’ve read one of his books. He just has an amazing story.