The Dandelion

Ah, the Dandelion. A small growth of nature that’s neither liked or dislike
of and by itself. But, collectively – it’ a greens keeper’s nightmare on any
golf course, under a realtor’s for sale sign, and even the most prestigious
lawns worldwide hate the little fellow – and I do mean hate.

Now what on earth has this little plant done to anyone, except an allergy

So, you think you’ve got it bad? This little guys been stomped on, cut, mulched, shredded, weed-n-feeded, bagged up on a curbside, and even eaten in tossed salads and swished around in a wine glass.

And for what!

So, in a batting slump, got rocked and roughed up during your last outing?

Then I suggest you walk off the field, look down and that poor little Dandelion tip your hat and say …. “Gads, I’m glad I’m not you little fella!”

Coach B.