The Cup

There is an interesting series of posts on “General Pitching Advice”, that mentioned protective gear – namely the cup.

If you have any wish or hope to play collegiate ball, and definitely pro ball as a pitcher, get use to wearing and functioning with a cup.

I can tell you from coaching countless young men who never used a cup before, found serious distractions on their form and posture during an appearance. SO - get use to wearing the cup. No debate here.

And note, there are different styles and forms of this equipment. There’s the traditional shovel-head, there’s the banana style, and others that can ease your transition from none, to a proper fit. Also, properly sprinkling this gear AFTER you put it in place with a healthy shake of talcum/baby powder, will reduce chaffing and discomfort as the game goes on.

To experience how this equipment can affect you… try a series of your best stuff with … then without this gear. Take special care to observe your every move.

By the way, showing up on a tryout field without the proper protective gear is a dead giveaway to inexperience. Don’t be dead - either way!

Coach B.

solid post coach.