"The Combat Pitcher" Equipment

For anyone that has the program, what equipment do I need to complete the entire set of workouts/throwing sessions? The Oates site has a special package but with the program it would be around $800.

didn’t spend anywhere close to that.

Had the bands - so no cost there.

Built the pylo ramps out of some scrap lumber my dad gave.

Built the pylo boxes from a pattern I found on the internet - $50.00 for one sheet of birch plywood and a day of helping around the house -

Medicine balls - I had two of them and bought two more

Paid $15.00 for a ladder for the ladder drills and didn’t worry about the hurdles instead just set out cones I bought at the local sporting goods store - another $10.00

The over/under hurdles was a piece of PVC pipe from Lowe’s about $3.00 - suspended from my garage ceiling by some bunge cords.

I didn’t use the weighted balls
I didn’t do the trampoline throwing exercises - I imagine you could find a tramp on Craigslist pretty cheap.

I think that is about it.