The College Summer Baseball Debate

Debating heavily on whether to play summer ball or just play mens ball and train back home. Have 3 teams trying to get me to play WMBL, apparently a scout recommended me to a couple of these coaches. Puts me in a tough situation. Summer ball is probably a good place to showcase, especially now that I have something worth showcasing. On the other hand trained and played in a comparatively competitive mens ball last summer and gained 4 mph while being able to take an internship at a civil engineering firm. Debating on whether to at the very least play half or a quarter of a summer ball season. Could I get some input on the subject thanks.

I’d say it depends on your long-terms goals. If you think you have a realistic shot at the draft, and want to pursue pro ball following school, then I’d play on a dedicated summer league team. The experience and exposure will help. If you’re sort of on the fence about where your ability is and what you’d like to do, then playing in a less structured men’s league and doing the internship is going to be a great option.

Honestly, either way, you’ve got good options. My thought is this: Our window of opportunity to play baseball is so small (early 20s), that if it’s something you really want to pursue now is the time to do it. The “real jobs” will still be there when baseball is over.


some great input thanks Steven!