The Coaching Mindset in Amateur Baseball


First, I’m not qualified to coach amateur baseball in any form or format. But, I have made observations over the last 21 years that renders an opinion of what seperates the greats from those just marking time for the sake of just “being there.”
Here’s what I’ve noticed, using a professional’s experience as a template. Now I know there are many differences and I’m not going to list them. That’s not my purpuse here. On the other hand, I’ve learned more from watching amateur ball than I have attending all the conventions, seminars at $$ per shot, and so forth.
1.) Those coaches that seem to have the respect and acceptance of knowing exactly what they’re doing, do so for the sake of setting the ground rules of why they’re there and what they expect.
2.) They surround themselves with good people, not necesaarly from the coaching ranks, but good people.
3.) They have a firm understanding of the limitations of youth and all the directions that takes them.
4.) The are not dominating in their personality, vocally abusive, and in controll all of the time.
5.) They seem to know when to keep hands on, and when to let go.
6.) They value the most inexperienced player on their roster and use that player as a barometer of player development .
7.) They pass on real world values for young men that will someday be coaches themselves, either on the field or off.
8.) They value loyality, dedication and honor more than anything thing else – anything.
9.) They know how to separate the scoreboard from the basics of the game itself – the real game.
10.) They constanly ask for suggestions, guidence and acceptance of the amateur enviornment – we’re all learning.
11.) They separate the undertones of gossip and cruelity from their purpose to their charges.


I think in the 12u and under, #4 is critical. It’s so important for a coach to remember they are kids and their focus comes and goes quickly.