The Circle Changeup


I’m not getting movement on my changeup very often.


It can be tough. The change up is a feel pitch and it can be tough to get it consistent.
One thing that has worked for some of my guys is to really focus on the feeling of having the the ring finger and the pinky finger being the last to touch the ball. Frank Corral has a nice video on throwing the change up that touches on this. This can help with getting some drop, hopefully late drop, on the change up.


I’m not going to watch Frank’s video, he’s so boring. Any other suggestions?


well i might


ya no really boring


Your answer speaks volumes.


The circle change up is not an easy pitch to learn. It takes a lot of work and patience. Since you can’t watch and learn from a 10-minute video, you need to find another pitch.


Um you can’t really pitch without a changeup if you want to pitch sucessfully unless you’re Phil Niekro or RA Dickey or a sinkerballer


He doesn’t really help much…




this explains a lot haha