the circle change

i been trying to learn how to throw the crcle change and i followed all the instruction in your baseball grip article about the circle change and i wnat that fading action away from your pitching arm. I been throwing the circle at the target and all it’s doing is hitting the ground before it reachs te plate. Am i doing anything wrong? and also does the turning of your arm cause any arm injuries?

if you dont have big hands circle changes can be a tough pitch to develop.

What did the NYC cabby tell his passenger when he asked how to get to Carnige Hall? “practice, practice, practice”.

If your throwing mechanics are good and you are consistent with how you grip the baseball, your body will make the adjustment to start hitting the target your aiming at. For now I’d just suggest you aim higher.

Try playing catch and long toss with your CU grip. The more throws you make with that grip the more natural it will become. :slight_smile:

I find when my pitchers throw the change in the dirt, it is usually because they are “choking” the ball trying to bury the ball as deep as they can in their hand and squeezing. i do not recommend this. I teach them to center the ball on the palm in between the middle and ring fingers then wrap the fingers. you might want to change your grip to what I call an “okay” change. make and ok sign with your pitching hand and place the ball in it as described above. throw exactly like a fastball.